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Holiday Released The Fun Hit “50 Pounds”

Holiday began writing and playing music at the age of Fifteen, when he first picked up a guitar and bass. He was a bassist and songwriter for The Chase who created a big buzz in the LA music scene. When the Chase disbanded, Holiday filled the void by learning piano and film scoring. Around this same time, Holiday became obsessed with electronic music and decided to learn everything he possibly could about electronic music production and sound design. He has been ambitiously pursuing a career in electronic music ever since. However, still a fan of music, Holiday continues to perfect his craft, and elevate himself, while collaborating with other artists!

Holiday released his single titled “50 Pounds” A sound refreshing, and catchy while blending the addicting genres of Trap, Dubstep, and pop music. The production climaxes in energy, but doesn’t take long to have you exhilarated with the heat Holiday delivers. Holiday's background in guitar, bass, rock and pop songwriting, film scoring, music composition, sound design, as well as his love of electronic music, R&B and Hip Hop is reflected in his catchy, fun and imaginative music like “50 Pounds”. 50 pounds hits the mark for me. The beat was FIRE. I just loved how it had me consumed with the unique elements it consisted of. Holiday shows us that he isn’t just a singular surface artist, and he can execute almost anything. This song was so perfectly crafted together, it showed how Holiday meticulously plans his music. The brilliant fusion of different genres, assures a party for its listener. And you can’t help but be a visitor! Holiday is undeniably on his way to the top of the music game!

Listen to "50 Pounds" here and get to know more about Holiday below!

Greetings Holiday! You’re an artist with various different talents. Which instrument or style was the most difficult for you to learn and why?

I would say that the most difficult instrument to learn was guitar because I never had any formal training and just played by ear. When I started learning the piano thats when all the music theory clicked and I started to understand music and was able to apply that to other instruments. When I was younger I played in bands then moved into scoring. I feel like electronic music was the hardest to learn because at the time when I started I was all about music theory and writing symphonic pieces. This didn't help me at all with EDM because EDM is all about rhythm and not so much about theory and complex chords structures. Getting over my classical background and being more simple was the hardest part.

Out of all the styles and genres you’re equipped with, which do you think is presented in “50 Pounds” the most and why?

I feel like my love for dubstep and hip hop is best represented in "50 Pounds". I wanted to have the edge of dubstep with the swag of hip hop.

How can our listener receive the best experience out of “50 Pounds” ? What type of setting would you recommend listening to this song in?

I feel like "50 Pounds" is best represented in clubs for sure but also it's fun to jam to in your car and at party's, retirement homes and day cares as well. . So probably wherever speakers are available.

What was your favorite moment as an artist thus far in your career?

The most rewarding part for me is when I finish a song that I'm proud of and I listen to it and I can honestly enjoy the song as a listener and not a producer. Obviously it feels good when someone else listens to my music and they enjoy it as well and they express that to me. But at the end of the day I just want to feel good about something I created. Knowing I can create something.

What is next for you?

I have so much music that is ready for release and at this point making music is like breathing to me. So what I have been dabbling with is art and video production. I have always done my own videos for my teasers and what not . But not I have been doing cover art for others and recently I have been exploring augmented reality with live footage. Not show performance stuff but landscape stuff. I feel like pushing my artistic capability's to the max. So every weekend I go out filming with my go pro to see what type of cool shots I can find, then 3d tracking the footage and adding colorful new elements to the world in the shot. No idea where this will lead but it's definitely a fun for of artistic expression.


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