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Holiday Says “Goodnight” To Lost Love

Poised to become one of the most vital young voices of our generation, r&b recording artist and singer-songwriter Holiday makes that a reality with his latest soothing single, "Goodnight."

It wasn't until 2020 that Holiday began venturing into the music industry, and through each intimate and personal release, he reveals yet another complex layer to his artistry that is truly unmatched. Always letting the music tell his story, Holiday continues to prove that he's a master vocalist with a storyteller's keen eye for detail.

Now moving back into the spotlight with his latest single, "Goodnight," Holiday opens his heart in one of the most vulnerable releases we've heard this year. While singing of losing his special someone and wanting to rekindle that flame, Holiday showers us with sensations of lost love and those devastating emotions that come with such an experience.

Expanding on "Goodnight," the lush tune begins with a few vocal samples that roam in the distance and hauntingly sing of wishing a lover would come back around. Once the smooth and warm r&b drums begin tapping through, Holiday starts vocalizing the pain he experiences when craving someone's love to come back around just one last time.

This song isn't long at all, but the overall experience will definitely make you want to hit repeat. Holiday's emotive and passionate performance is enough to run chills down the spine, but what's all the more authentic are his vulnerable lyrics that sing the all-too-real journey of moving forward from lost love.

Feed your soul with the harmonious sounds of Holiday's new single, "Goodnight," and find the single on all streaming platforms.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Holiday. What a surreal and emotional experience you've released with your latest single, "Goodnight." When did you begin feeling inspired to let your emotions out and create this single?

This time of year always hits home for me. Some of my best memories come from Pisces season. I am a water sign as well. I'm just drawn to certain energy... Especially in February. I was feeling really emotional and I wanted to create something to reflect my emotions.

Your lyrics in "Goodnight" are so expressive and vulnerable. Do you have any particular methods or routines to help you write cohesive lyrics during your songwriting process?

I usually make a song today. Some days flow better than others. I use the same routine though. I roll a white paper (just enough to hold me), and then I start cooking up a beat, or in some cases, I'll go through my archive of beats that producers have sent me. I can always make a vibe that correlates with how I am feeling in the present moment.

What did you want to make the listener think and feel when experiencing the emotional aspects of "Goodnight?"

Have you ever lost a best friend? A lover? Someone you thought would be yours forever? If so, you'll feel this.

How do songs like "Goodnight" reflect who you are and your artistic brand? How does this song help new listeners get to know you on a more personal level?

I feel like these types of songs are a representation of who I am. I am not super talkative (unless I am drinking tequila), and I am super emotional. I tend to hold in emotions. Music is my outlet for sure. Listeners will never know me. But it will be fun trying to find me out. The goal is for people to hear my music and think of a time that they remember. I write about things that have happened or are happening. I know people go through this stuff. It's relatable.

What's next for you?

Expect an album. Expect more people to know my name and my music. This year is huge.


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