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“Hollow” By Biispo Sets The Foundation For A Groundbreaking Single

Dance/Pop/Electronic music producer Biispo from California brings unique and diverse tracks to today’s music industry. Producing since 16 years old, Biispo is heavily influenced by the works of Calvin Harris, Daft Punk, M83, DJ Snake and Pharrell. His experimental style allows him the flow freely through genres.

Biispo’s newest track “Hollow” is an awakening take on Dance/Pop. Electronic synths and a light backbeat give the track a fun-loving vibe. Precise piano throughout “Hollow” sets the foundation for a catchy pop track. Allow Biispo’s transporting sound they take you on a journey.

Let the layers of mesmerizing music paint a soundscape in your mind and escape reality for a while. Biispo allows his listeners to get lost in the intoxicating rhythm he has created. “Hollow” slowly picks up into a smooth blend of keys, synths, bass, and vocal samples. All of these elements fuse into one incredible track.

No boundaries or rules can limit Biispo’s extensive and ever-growing sound. He remains free from any one genre and frees the mind of the listener. Stay on the lookout for this young, up-and-coming artist.

Listen to "Hollow" here and get to know more about Biispo in our interview below.

Hi Biispo! Can you start by introducing yourself and explain your stage name?

My name is Biispo and I am a DJ/producer from California. My stage name came from a time when my friend and I would frequent a family-owned bistro that was close to our homes. My friend would always joke and give me a hard time about always calling it a bistro instead of the actual name of the place. Around the time when I started to make my own music, I just finished a semester at school and looked through one of my old yearbooks and thought of that memory. I had trouble trying to make a stage name at the time and Biispo kind of rhymed with bistro so I just stuck with it.

What was your upbringing into music like? How did you get started?

I was heavily influenced by music mainly by my father. He would always play different ranges of different genres of music. I got started with music at twelve years old by teaching myself to play the drums. I remember wanting to join my school's band class but the requirement was to be able to read music. I could not read music so I learned how to play the drums myself by intently watching live performances and honing in on the drummers and watching for what specific sound would come from the drumstick hitting each different part of the drum. From then on I was hooked! I became comfortable with the drums and taught myself various other instruments by listening to classical music and/or various different instrument covers intently. I just kept going with it and never looked back.

What goal did you strive to achieve with “Hollow”? What inspired it?

The inspiration for this song stems from a surprise trip my friend and I took in our last year of high school. My friend showed up at my door and said "Hop in the car we're going wherever" and I just went along with it. We did not have a plan but we made the most out of hanging out and doing whatever we could do. I tried to make something that encapsulated the essence of a free spirit.

What are three things you want your fans to know about you?

The first thing I would want them to know is my reason behind making the music that I make and want to make. I like to craft songs that can really tell a story, even when there is not much lyrical power to a song. The second is that just as much as I love making music, I also love taking pictures. Just as I feel as though music captures moments and emotions, so do pictures and I like capturing that. The third, and final, thing is that I still cannot read music.

Where do you pull inspiration from?

I pull my inspiration from a lot of factors but mainly from my experiences or my friend's experiences. Also, from my favorite artists such as Madeon, Pharrell, and Dj Snake.


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