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Honesty Is Everything In LUVLEY’s New Alternative Pop Ballad

20-year-old LUVLEY is a pop artist from George Moore that you may not have heard about yet, but it's only a matter of time till you hear much more about this up-and-comer.

Drawing influence from various genres and artists from alternative pop and trap, he creates an exciting sound of Pop, blending his lovesick lyricism and infectious melodies.

This can be heard in LUVLEY's infectious new release, "If I'm Honest." Launching a summer full of singles more intoxicating than the last, you'd think it'd be pretty hard to top this bop after pressing play. Recruiting producer extraordinaire Strange generates effervescent instrumentation that bounces through your

speakers, sparking an upbeat escapade of elevated tenors.

The dark and enticing essence of LUVLEY is fully captured through this mesmerizing amalgamation of wistful lyrics, enchanting harmonies, and a melodic blend of automation through LUVLEY's croons and the eclectic synths present in the musical foundation, all while the electronic, dance-like ambiance gives a lively vibe to the somber themes addressed.

Blessing us with the heartbreak anthem of the summer, "If I'm Honest," is a ballad about the difficulties and confusion endured when finding your way after a breakup. This relatable narrative pulls into a personal place where we see LUVLEY's vulnerability firsthand and join in on the overwrought and distressed nature of the picturesque lyrical motifs.

"If I'm Honest" is a balanced cocktail of energy that will excite you for the journey to come when one door closes and you await for the next to open. Propelling from the alternative pop scene, LUVLEY has secured a sound and message like no other.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, LUVLEY! We're obsessed with this witty collaboration of emotions that spark a well-balanced nature of joyous and troubled in your latest single, "If I'm Honest." What inspired this unique approach to this song?

Thank you so much! When it came to making 'If I'm Honest,' me & Strange wanted to make an infectious pop track with the energy and vibe of dance music. Combining jungle breakbeats with melancholic melodies and a catchy chorus, we've created the perfect tune for the summer!

How did "If I'm Honest" come to be? What was it like bringing life to this story with Strange?

Recently Strange & I have been experimenting with various stylistic influences with lots of emphasis on dance drums, especially adding breakbeats to give our tracks more energy. Making this particular song was so special to me as it all happened naturally and was so much fun. It was one of those songs that seemed to write itself.

Do you often approach more vulnerable themes as an artist? Do you find it easy to get back to that place in your mind when songwriting?

I try to be as vulnerable as possible in my music, as I always want to be as genuine and honest as possible. I think you can feel that in the music. I've never written a lyric I haven't lived, and I hope my fans can feel that too. So much of my music comes from a place in my brain that I spend so much time in; it's more difficult to get out of that place than it is hard to get there. Not to say I'm always sad, but I have a habit of overthinking and replaying things in my mind an unhealthy amount; making music helps me deal with that.

Being a performing and recording artist has a broadened scope of joys you get to endure on the journey. Have you performed this song live yet? If so, what has the reception been like? If not, when will your fans get to hear it live?

I've performed this song live a few times and have been so happy with the reception. It's now my opening song on the setlist, as it brings great energy to the show right from the start and has the crowd singing the chorus back to me right from the jump.

What are you most looking forward to with a summer of music ahead of you?

This summer, I'm looking forward to the new music coming out at the end of July and performing more nationwide. Make sure you follow me on Instagram @ohsoluvley to keep up with everything I've got going on!


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