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Hope Trilly Drives it Home "Off the Rip"

Given a birth name that perfectly describes her predetermined path to prosperity, it was only natural for Hope King to take that name into her musical career as, Hope Trilly.

A New York native of Queens, she has become a recognized face and voice that has graced many performance stages and dominated two popular rap battles. Receiving praise for her gift from fellow femcees Da Brat, Rah Digga, and Babs Bunny, she uses her admiration for the works of Aaliyah, Lauryn Hill, Drake, Tupac, Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne, and Drake to fuel her artistic passion.

Introducing us to the lyrical finesse she displays in the bass-forward single, “Off the Rip,” Hope Trilly has us in a sonic trance as we embrace the fortified persona she displays.

There’s a dominant attendance in her vocal performance as she raps with her head held high, and her wordplay at an elevated level of technique. Leaving room between each bar she delivers, the imagery that is placed into the words that Hope Trilly allows to leap from the speakers is coated in a substance that emits a fully charged energy from what she chooses to deliver in “Off the Rip.”

Catching our attention with her lyrical dexterity, Hope Trilly proves that the swagger she exudes is inimitable. Blending her New York roots with the Atlanta transplant characteristics of her lifestyle, what we see in turn is a lane that is so custom to Hope Trilly, we dare not even compare her to another artist in the industry.

It’s no wonder why Hope Trilly is garnering the mass attention that she is from diehard fans. Rapping with grace, she leaves you wanting to further explore who she is as an individual through the pieces of herself she weaves into her sonic canvas.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Hope Trilly, and congratulations on the release of “Off the Rip.” We love how you approach the bars heard in your verses, as you perform with such confidence. Could you please take us into what this song means to you as the creator?

Thank you for having me for this interview. As a creator, this song was made mostly off of the vibes I picked up from the instrumental. The bounciness of the beat gave me a fun, braggadocious feeling. It had been a while since I dropped my single prior to it called, McLaren, so I wanted to come back with a song that was catchy & commanded attention.

Could you please share a glimpse into what moment or story drove you to bring a track like this to life?

Around the time I recorded "Off the Rip", I had just taken a trip to NYC for a video shoot, which was one of my most favorite shoots I've been in, and I also was preparing for a huge rap battle. I felt very motivated and empowered to really let the world know who I am & why I am great at what I do. You could say I was "feeling myself" & I turned it into a song.

With every emerging artist adapting to a sound that is unique to them, how does “Off the Rip” speak into your artistry moving forward?

Off the Rip is a perfect example of how my sound is unique. The lyricism is extremely important to me. This song allowed me to showcase my ability to combine witty punchlines with fun catchy melodies. Moving forward, I plan on further developing that skill & maintaining the integrity I have for hip hop when it comes to creatively crafting bars as a lyricist.

What is your mission statement as Hope Trilly? What does this say about you as an individual apart from the music?

My mission statement is to "be the best you, you can be". My mother always reminded me of that growing up, and I carry that mentality in everything I do. Even as an individual, I face my own challenges. However, I'm also aware that there's always something I can learn from it & create something even greater than I imagined in the process. My music is literally an extension of that mindset.

What's next for you?

What's next for me is to take my talent to a new level. I want to give my listeners more insight into who I am as a person & introduce new listeners to a vibe they've never heard before. I have alot of new music on the way, as well as rap battles, & acting roles. I plan on exploring all the avenues that music has to offer & building my brand.


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