Hospital Releases 80’s-Like Vibe Song “In The Evening”

Formed in 2011 by members of several Russian indie rock bands, Hospital was the ambitious vision of talented lead vocalist Egor Berdnikov realized by additional band members, Andrey Tsvetkov, lead guitar and backing vocals, Alexey Shorin, bass guitar and Vladimir Balovnev on drums. Now with two successful albums under their belt, having supported the Moscow legs of huge international tours, including Lana Del Rey, The Neighbourhood and The Kooks, Hospital are ready to release their third album. Since conception, the band has developed a heightened depth of sound, adding a hefty measure of electronica to their infectious indie tracks.

The release of their single “In The Evening” is littered with an iconic 80’s sound sure to place you into a more classic time period of music. The digested jangle pop tune which was a favored sub-genre of pop music more focused on the stringed guitars alongside the fused 80’s looped drum kicks creating an comprehensive outgoing and groovy backtrack for the band. With authoritative vocals that differentiates this band from the others, they’re bound to stand out in the crowd. They released their visuals to “In The Evening” and the atmospheric setting held mystery and was a really unorthodox way to heighten their capability of being non-comparable. Listen to “In The Evening” and connect with “Hospital” on social media below!

We’re fully aware that you guys are on your third album, CONGRATS! What can we expect differently in this album in comparison from the previous two?

Yeah, thanks. It took almost two years to finished this record. So i can say it is close enough to what we expected. It's more solid than previous records. With strong conception in lyrics and sound.

What’s the most cultivating aspect of 80s music you guys believe held the biggest impact on your artistry?

We were listening a lot of great 80's bands that we think now undeservedly forgotten. Like Tears for Fears and INXS. We are also big fans of The Cure. So we decided that there a lot of 80's disco band and dance music with such fleur but what about guitar music? The idea was to mix up 80's epic synths like Yamaha DX-7 and Juno with guitar rock to reach the right mood of light sadness.

Do you guys feel as if the music industry is actually honoring the sounds of classic music more and more in popular pop culture?

-What do you mean by classic music? Like classic rock music? I like the idea that bands like Greta Van Fleet are pretty popular in the moment. It makes me feel that we are not totally stuck in soundcloud rap and other stuff.

How was the creative songwriting process for “In The Evening” ?

-In the evening is the first song we started to recording for this album. It was in June 2016. Actually it was the toughest one, because we did so many takes and mixes to make it sound right that it made us feel totally crazy. So we stopped and started with others. Than we gave it another chance and finally we did it. What we really wanted to do with this song is to make verses sounds calm as lullaby and in make you wanna  scream on the top of your lungs in choruses. Hope we have made it!

We know you guys want to reach a far wider audience in 2018, knowing that we’re at the end of the year.. Were you guys able to accomplish what you set out to accomplished this year? If so in what ways and if not what’s the goal for 2019?

Well, it's hard to say because actually we have just released the new album a month ago. But for we can say that the feedback is pretty good for the band that was in hiatus for last three years. We are going to play with Kodaline this week, our new video is on Russian MTV channel and we are going on tour soon. Seems like it's all ok for us in 2018, don't you think?

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