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Hot New Track: Dante Kennedy Releases “wE’gOiNg’Up”

Always be on the lookout for legendary lyricists when they drop a project among all the noise that overcrowds hip-hop with the generic nowadays. They’ll restore your faith in the direction the culture and music has taken since it was announced that hip hop had overtaken rock as the dominant genre in contemporary music.

Dante Kennedy is launching into the music scene with the release of his hot new track  “wE’gOiNg’Up”, it’s aggressive, energetic, and obsessed with forward motion. Dante Kennedy released his New Single entitled "wE'gOiNg'Up" on March 11th, and a dope music video shortly after. All were performed by Dante Kennedy, through his music production company V4texx Music Group / V4MG. Dante’s an artist comprised of many skills, it’s evident with his flawless flow and smooth vocals. “wE’gOiNg’Up” is certainly the most successful and experimental cut we’ve heard. The openness and exploratory approach he takes to hip-hop, combined with Dante’s knack for expressive songwriting is illustrated so well throughout “wE’gOiNg’Up”. He fuses two styles of hip-hop together to curate an arrangement like no other. The lyricism is solely motivational and Dante focuses on the positives of getting through the week! Stay on the lookout for Dante Kennedy. He’s an up and coming artist with quite a bit of success under his belt already. He’s passionate about many things including creating hot new music From Philly to Dubai, we can’t wait to see what Dante brings us next!

Listen to “wE’gOiNg’Up” here and get to know more about Dante Kennedy below!

Hey Dante! Can you introduce yourself to our readers and tell us more about your upbringing?

WazzUp, my name is Dante Kennedy, from Philly. I am an Artist Creator, Musician, Writer, and Producer. My upbringing came along growing in church with my Mother "Dawn Kennedy and Father "Howard Kennedy", playing drums. My father, is a well known Musician, Writer and Producer, also Grammy Nominated and he taught me how to use the MPC2000 when I was 13 and I produced my first record for a HipHop Group. I've always studied Music Theory with reading lesson's beginning at age 6.

We know your sick music video for “wE’gOiNg’Up” was filmed in Dubai, but where are you living now?

I'm back in Philly now. Working on the Completion of my album, and doing tons of Production and having thee best family time EVER with my Wife Leah, and Kids, Imani, London, Tayah, and Amari.

When did you get into music?

Soon as my Mom pushed me out, I was at it. (lol), Seriously though from birth it was there, my whole family dates back to generations of Musicality and it's I ever knew and all I understand now. There are stories of Me playing on Pots and Pans to Disney tapes, Anita Baker, Jazz, and so much more. My Mom and Dad always kept a musical atmosphere around.

With so much talent, do you have some sort of education in songwriting or production?

I use to sit in writing session's at DJ Jazzy Jeff studio in Philly, where Dre and Vidal, & Wanye' from Boys II Men all had rooms and I use to bounce between session's and gather as much knowledge as possible.

Who’s your biggest musical influence?

As of today my biggest Musical influence, would have to be...Frank Sinatra. I know, Super crazy, but legit. He's been on repeat for over a year now, along with Miles Davis, Ye', Timbaland, Swizz, Qtip, Pharrell, and Darrien Kennedy.

What's next for you?

I'm currently working on a few new trips back to Dubai, under the Quincy Jones and Max Mason placements. I'm also super involved in some very serious humanitarian work, under the leadership of Raza Jafar called GSN "Global Sustainability Network". The initiative is to bring awareness to Modern Day Slavery and Human Trafficking. Now focused on our Goal 8, my partners Vineet Mehra, Sahib, and I are establishing an app called Music For Life that will help drive some serious creativity from people who need an outlet for their artistry. This is also helping to create jobs and awareness to people who are in bad situations or coming out of chaos. So please be on the look out for that. Lastly to my friend Miguel Gutierrez who really helps to establish great connections with us like minded people to really make a change.


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