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HOWELL Releases New Single "Light Up"

HOWELL, also known as Austin Howell is a rap artist from Denver, Colorado. HOWELL’s passion for music blossomed at a young age when he would listen to Linkin Park, Creed and 3 Doors down. His unique style and flow can be credited to the many musical influences he had growing up including Eminem, Nelly and Lil Flip. At the young age of 11, Austin lost his step-mom in a car accident, he used music as a way to cope with his powerful emotions during this time. HOWELL began performing live shows shortly after graduating high school and now has his music out on all major streaming platforms. His newest album titled “The White Wolf” is in the works.

“Light Up” is HOWELL’s newest single and it’s a banger. The fusion of rock guitar riffs and backbeat with the hip-hop lyrics and delivery are ground breaking. The old school hip-hop sound is timeless. HOWELL is able to blend these genres together seamlessly, while pulling inspiration from his childhood influences. The female vocals, by Breana Marin, featured in the track give it a softer side and pull the emotion out of it. HOWELL recites bar after bar full of raw and meaningful energy. His power and emotion comes through the speakers as he takes us on a retrospective journey through his experiences. The storytelling aspect of “Light Up” keeps you honed in on every single word. After hearing about HOWELL’s struggles, my favorite lyric that HOWELL spits is “Don’t ever think you can’t change ‘cause it is possible”, this lyric perfectly concludes the overall theme of “Light Up”. HOWELL is a rap artist that you won't hear focusing on material things, he’d rather spend his time writing and performing about reality and life. He knows how to create music, such as “Light Up”, that his listeners and fans can relate to on different levels. Stay on the lookout for Austin Howell, aka HOWELL, modern rap genius.

Check out “Light Up” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!


Hi Austin! Can you start by telling our readers more about yourself?

Hi my name is Austin Howell aka HOWELL and I am a 24 year old hiphop/rap artist from Denver Colorado. I was born in Oceanside California on December 16th 1994. I started my journey im the 2nd grade, I would diss my teacher by remixing Eminems "Cleaning Out My Closet". When i was 11 years old i started writing my own music and it stuck. By time i graduated highschool i was ready to get my music in front of people and thats when i met Duce Mcguire when i was 19 years old. He was and is my mentor in the music industry. In the past years ive done over 50 shows, 3 albums with a new album in the works , 2 mixtapes, featured on MTV and alot of other accomplishments. Long story short.

We love your song “Light Up”! What inspired this track? What was the writing process like?

When i heard the beat from Legion Beats i fell in love with the chorus. I wanted to have a real story telling song. I didn't take "Light up" as getting high but as put your lighters up and know you can change who you are. If you're down and low i wanted to tell my story so people know they aren't alone.

How did you come up with the layered sounds throughout “Light Up”?

Well to be honest, I was working with Legion beats and it was his creation. He sent it to me and like I said i fell in love.

What is something that inspires you to keeping writing music everyday?

The passion and the reality i see in my eyes. I have been working very hard for 13 years and music is what i love to do. There's nothing else in this world that can change that. 

When can we expect the release of “The White Wolf”?

The White Wolf will be released on July 5th, 2019. I am making sure i have the proper time for promotion and another video. This album is my first album as a solo artist in over a year so I am very excited to have it released.


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