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“Howling” In The Spotlight With Wailing Urei

Wailing Urei is an up-and-coming London-based artist, guitarist, and singer-songwriter you absolutely need to keep your eyes on. Wailing Urei works his magic to create Alt-Rock tracks infused with Darkwave and Lo-Fi sonic atmospheres that will only leave you wanting more. His latest release, "Howling," is the first track off his upcoming debut album, which is set to come out later this year.

Wailing Urei has created a dark and mysterious sonic landscape throughout "Howling." Along with heavier, darker elements, he's also infused the track with mellow Lo-Fi beats that are consistent throughout, perfectly supporting Wailing Urei's signature ambient electric guitar lines. Throughout "Howling," Wailing Urei's vocals are ominous and mysterious, as he reiterates the lines, "Howling, I heard howling, I can feel their eyes, Always watching me," giving us goosebumps.

In Wailing Urei's latest interview with BuzzMusic, he expresses how he "tried to get across that lonely, paranoid feeling and how those thoughts can really just bury themselves in your head if you let them," hauntingly conveying those feelings within "Howling." Urei explains to BuzzMusic that he "wants this song to be the record that you play when you're taking a lonely walk or just drowning in your thoughts at 3 am, feeling low." Currently preparing his album release, he says this single is an unquestionable lead-in to the sound of the album.

Wailing Urei, keeping us in awe of his versatility and authenticity, we look forward to what he releases next.

Check out the full BuzzMusic Wailing Urei feature here.


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