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Hunter Blair Ambrose Addresses Heavy Subjects in, "Too Much"

The New York-based rising pop/r&b artist and singer-songwriter Hunter Blair Ambrose returns with a powerful and emotionally rich single entitled "Too Much."

Striving to create a unique sonic landscape that's solely her own, the young singer-songwriter has made waves with her recent music that's captured vast attention with help from her breathtaking vocals and dynamic sonic atmospheres. Through influences like Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, The Weeknd, Drake, and many more, Hunter Blair Ambrose has been able to carve her own path through the industry while exploring new artists and sounds to further inspire her meaningful tunes.

Recently releasing her vulnerable and much-needed single, "Too Much," listeners can catch Hunter Blair Ambrose serenading us with her powerful vocals while the lively background sonics create an intense dark-pop mood, enhancing the song's emotional lyrical theme. While Hunter Blair Ambrose mentions a few personal yet highly relatable issues she must tackle, listeners can truly find a piece of themselves within this hit.

Expanding on the single, "Too Much," the song opens with a soothing keyboard melody that sets the song's emotional tone. Once a warm and punchy kick drum makes its way in alongside Hunter Blair Ambrose's sweet vocals, she takes our breath away with her incredible pop demeanor that offers similarities to the top acts like make our modern pop scene go round.

As Hunter Blair Ambrose elaborates on how she tends to overthink while addressing issues like alcohol abuse, listeners are able to experience the pure emotion and heart that Hunter Blair Ambrose placed into her meaningful lyricism.

Allow Hunter Blair Ambrose's latest single, "Too Much, to remind you when enough is enough. Find "Too Much" on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Hunter. We truly appreciate such a meaningful and relatable single like "Too Much." What inspired you to address such personal issues through song?

I went through a particularly difficult time during the pandemic, like a lot of us did. During that time of intense isolation, I found a lot of time to reflect on my life and my past. I was inspired by a period in my life in 2019 when I was partying a lot to escape my anxiety and finding solace in overindulgence in drugs and alcohol.

Why did you choose to go the electro-pop route for your single, "Too Much?" How do the sonics and production enhance your lyrical theme?

The production style has a lot of synth passes that have a dizzying sound to them and although the track is upbeat, there is melancholia in its overall sound that matches the darker lyrics.

Did you work with any producers when crafting the sonics for "Too Much?" What was the sonic creative process like behind the scenes?

Yes, I worked with my long-time collaborator and producer, Jason Strong on this track. We had a great time making this record, as he handled the bulk of the production on my upcoming album. I wrote the song, along with my laptop and my midi, and brought the song to him the next day. Then we started building the product. It didn’t take long at all. He is so talented and can really make a song come to life very quickly.

What have you been up to since the release of your album, 'Scorpio Season?' Were you able to broaden your fanbase since the project's release?

The album is coming out in October of this year. We are currently in the editing process for the music video for Too Much. We filmed it all around New York City in places that had significance to me during my heavy partying days. After that, we have two or three more singles to push from the album with corresponding music videos and visuals. I’ve been lucky to have been steadily building a strong and loyal fan base. I have incredible fans for sure. None of this would be possible without them.

What's next for you?

We are releasing a fun, 80s-era, synth-pop single at the end of summer with a big Hollywood-esque music video out in Los Angeles. I can’t wait. I believe it is my favorite song I’ve ever written.

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