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Hunter Blair Ambrose Returns With a Magnetic Hit, "Alone Together"

The New York-based pop/r&b artist and singer-songwriter Hunter Blair Ambrose returns with her dizzying and relatable single, "Alone Together," off her forthcoming debut album, 'Scorpio Season.'

Wel-known as one of the most captivating voices of the underground pop scene, Hunter Blair Ambrose's sound has been carefully crafted with help from New York's ambiance, 2010s alt-r&b, synth-pop, chilling Tronto hip-hop, and 80s bombastic melodies. Around the corner of dropping her debut album, 'Scorpio Season,' Ambrose recently dropped the project's second lead single to give us a taste.

Hunter Blair Ambrose says that "Alone Together" is a pop song representative of the times. Sonically inspired by early-pandemic bangers like The Weeknd's "In Your Eyes," "Blinding Lights," and Dua Lipa's album, 'Future Nostalgia,' the song tells a lyrical story of heartbreak amid the pandemic's chaos.

Produced by Jason Strong, "Alone Together" kicks off with a wavy and electrifying synth melody that later drops into a funky and disco-inspired pop arrangement. As Hunter Blair Ambrose makes her powerful vocal appearance, she sweeps us off our feet with her natural energy while singing incredibly vulnerable and heartfelt lyrics. As she grooves her way to the hook, Ambrose describes her inner emotions while hurting at the sound of a past lover's name.

We adore Jason Strong's bright and magnetic production within this piece, as it allows Hunter Blair Ambrose to shine in the spotlight with her highly relatable lyrical content while bringing listeners the rhythm and groove they desire.

Catch Hunter Blair Ambrose's electrifying single, "Alone Together," on all digital streaming platforms, and be on the lookout for her debut album, 'Scorpio Season,' this fall.

We're always enthralled by the passion and raw energy of your releases, especially your latest hit, "Alone Together." Was there a specific moment that inspired you to transmute your emotions into song and create this single?

This song was written out of my heartbreak, fear, and loneliness that culminated during the first weeks of the pandemic. It was really one of the only ways I could distract myself and bring myself a sense of productiveness and meaning during that time. I was particularly inspired by two albums that had just been released at that time, "After Hours" by The Weeknd and "Future Nostalgia" by Dua Lipa. It was all like a lightning in a bottle moment for me and it resulted in this song.

What was your songwriting process like for "Alone Together"? How did you write your lyrics to make the listener feel like they could relate to this piece?

I came up with the chorus and hook in my head. I was staying in my family's home during the very beginning of the pandemic, without a keyboard or piano. So, once I composed the melody of the chorus, I recorded it in a voice note and saved it. Then, I began to write the lyrics. I really felt like the phrase "Alone Together" was applicable to this moment in history that we all lived through. It refers not only to the pandemic and a lot of the emotions that we all felt around the world at that time, but it also refers to me feeling especially vulnerable coming off of a serious heartbreak that coincided with the lockdown. I know that the duality of isolation from lockdown and having your heart broken were two universal experiences that any audience can relate to.

Seeing that you've worked with producer Jason Strong for quite some time, would you say that there's some creative chemistry between you two? What was your experience like creating "Alone Together"?

Jason and I have figured out a really effective rhythm of working together on music over the last few years. Working with Jason has really been a highlight of my career and I am so very grateful for all that he has taught me and for how many wonderful songs he and I have collaborated on together - including November, Right Now, and Baby Goodbye. I think both he and I knew very quickly that Alone Together was going to be a highlight of my upcoming album Scorpio Season. It was the first song in our sessions from last year for the album that we finished and it holds up as one of my absolute favorite tracks I have ever released.

How does "Alone Together" represent your forthcoming album, 'Scorpio Season? How does the single get us ready for what's to come?

"Alone Together" is one of the many examples of me exploring some of the various sub-genres of pop music that I love so much. There are quite a few different sounds that we explore with Scorpio Season. As it is a double album, Alone Together represents the more danceable, pop-oriented side of the album. Scorpio Season is also a concept album and represents a major turning point in the storyline of the record.

What impact do you hope to make on your audience with your upcoming album, 'Scorpio Season'? What sort of listening experience do you want to provide?

Scorpio Season is a fully immersive listening experience that brings you into an autobiographical diary of how a relationship turned toxic and went on to really affect my life for years. It is a concept album full of different sounds of pop music that have all played a role in inspiring the kind of artist I have become today. It is a very emotional album and a roller coaster of a listen. It takes the listener on a journey that explores themes of self-discovery. love, lust, heartbreak, doubt, guilt, loneliness, regret, depression, and finally acceptance. I truly hope people enjoy it in all of its different emotions and sounds, and that it is a powerful first impression that I can make on the music industry for my debut album.


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