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Hutcho 48 Kills It With “Stop Me”

Hutcho 48 is an up and coming artist from Ivor, Virginia. This fairly new artist is paving away with his first single titled “Stop Me”. Hutcho 48’s rap voice is super individualistic to him. His style was unforgettable due to the unique swag it possessed. “Stop Me” had a super hype vibe to the record, while keeping the energy on an exhilarating high! The charismatic witty bars were delivered with an intense force, slapping its listener across the face practically! The lyrics were bold, and in your face. He’s letting us know that he’s here and isn’t planning on going anywhere! This confidence and attitude was humbling in a way.

We heard the passion, and witnessed the dedication of Hutcho 48 within the lyricism of this record. Hutcho48 wasn’t the only one giving us this thorough vibe in “Stop Me”, the song features an upcoming female rapper who goes by the name of “Bo$$Jojo”. Her voice had this dark rasp to it, causing a badass tough texture to surround the articulation of her delivery. “Stop Me” was a complete hit, with nothing but spotless punchlines and a saucy flare!

Listen to "Stop Me" here and get to know more about Hutcho 48 below!

Introducing the newest face of the rap game, Hutcho 48! How has growing up in Virginia essentially impacted your style of music?

Well, I’m from the rural part of VA, and just in general the rap music scene wasn’t very big growing up, so just listening to so many styles on the east coast from top to bottom kinda impacted the music I make and with the scene not being that big it let me kinda find my own wave.

Who are some of your musical inspirations Hutcho 48? In what ways have they inspired you as an artist?

Growing up as a child listening to a lot of soul, funk, and R&B helped me find the melody in my music. When it come to rap some inspirations are Gucci, 50 cent , Yo Gotti , Jadakiss, Shy Glizzy. Those type of guys make me just want to make authentic music that come from heart and experience.

Let’s talk about this dope hit “Stop Me”, what was the major message you were seeking to get across in this record?

Basically when I step on the scene, or when squad pop out no matter what we doing you can’t stop us point blank period.

What inspired you to write “Stop Me” ?

Like I said before in that mood, I had just flown out to Seattle for studio session, mind you I hadn’t been in a studio in couple of year so just jumping back I had the mindset I’m not gon be stopped.

What’s next for you Hutcho 48?

Music, music, and more music. Just getting bigger as an artist and putting the ppl around me in position to win, basically just putting on for Southampton county where I’m from, ain’t nobody paved the wave for someone out of the sticks to blow and I’m tryna be that one


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