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Huts On Beaches Take You On A Soothing Beach Getaway In “Coastal Signals”

The Malta-based electronic duo dust off their retro synthesizers to bring you chill, relaxing vibes that are also groovy at their core.

Huts on Beaches started through a shared passion for music, an obsession with old synthesizers, and a burning desire to create cathartic and rhythmic music. The duo is comprised of Karl Gauci & Keith Bunce. Huts on Beaches seamlessly alternate synth and drum machine duties, playing off of each other’s unique melodic styles to bring you house music that is as soothing as the waves that softly crash into the beaches of Malta’s coast.

Huts on Beaches proclaim that one of their most cherished goals is expressing themselves through their music. Being based in Malta (by their own admission, a busy island full of life), Huts on Beaches finds solace in the calmness of the waves. By channeling the power of the ocean, Huts on Beaches aim to give listeners music that reinforces the feeling that although self-expression can be difficult, it is both freeing and rewarding to do so.

Coastal Signals is the crystallization of the duo’s artistic vision. Over minimalist techno beats that much like waves ebb and flow, Huts on Beaches takes you on a journey that can only be described as six enchanting minutes of ethereal, winding musical bliss. With their second release, “Leap,” released December 1st, it’s clear that Huts on Beaches aren’t being complacent and are definitely an act to watch for the future.

Life is too hectic not to take a breather once in a while. When you’re in need of something that hits the sweet spots of relaxing yet groovy, tap into Huts on Beaches' “Coastal Signals,” which will have you feeling both mellowed out and in the mood to groove.

We absolutely loved “Coastal Signals,” it's weird to say that a song can be both relaxing and energizing simultaneously, but that’s how it felt! We have to ask. What was your favorite part of the creative process you went through in making “Coastal Signals?"

Coastal Signals was our first attempt to finalize a track for our new project. We loved every part of making the track, but we both really loved finalizing the track at Temple Studios. This was really enjoyable as new people at the studio listened to the original idea, and new ideas started brewing.

What would you say is the main driving force behind your creative process? Where do you find the inspiration for new music?

Be it a new piece of hardware acquired, a day at the beach, or a global event, we think one can capture the vibe of that moment as long as one is free to express himself. We try to encapsulate the vibe and feel of certain moments into our tracks.

When did both of you realize that you seriously wanted to make music? Was there any one incident where it kind of clicked for you, or has it been something you both wanted to do for a while?

We always were involved and surrounded by music. Our interest in making music came about through experimentation on different instruments. Although there wasn’t a specific “light bulb idea” moment, during our time in different bands, we both realized that we really like to create and experiment with electronic music in particular.

If there was one thing you wanted your fans to take away from your music, what would it be?

Music is a really powerful art form that can inspire people, and we hope we can portray a sense of encouragement and motivation through our music.

You just released your new single, “Leap,” What was the inspiration behind that release, and can we expect to hear more music from you soon?

Since Leap was written during the worst times of the pandemic, we were unsure what to expect in the future, and this uncertainty was the main driver of the track. We’re back in the studio early next year and will be releasing more music in the first quarter of 2023.


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