“I Promise You” By Canadian Artist Nick Hedden Is Absolutely Beautiful

Country music singer-songwriter Nick Hedden is from Windsor, Ontario and found his love for music at a young age starting with the guitar at age 5 followed by crafting a vocal tone shortly after. Nick has a range of inspirations such as Country, Motown and Classic Rock, and was able to refocus his passion for music following a 2017 jam session. Before that Nick was setting his sights on a bachelor’s degree in criminology, currently is also working on his master’s degree, and was after finding his love for music again was able to create a beautiful combination of Contemporary Country and Pop. In 2018 Nick was able to sign with Nashville record producers and has written with a variety of artists from Nashville and Texas. Keep an eye out for his self-titled debut EP that is going to be released in late 2019!

“I Promise You” grabbed me by the heartstrings within the first 10 seconds with the beautiful combination of piano and guitar only to be further entranced by the calming and refined vocals performed by Nick. His voice has rasp around the edges, and Nick clearly has the ability to deliver seamless melodies with style compiled with harmonies scattered throughout the song that add depth to Nick’s voice. The lyrics are extremely relatable and feels like the story Nick is trying to deliver is simply the promise to love, always – “I Promise You” presents this story so gorgeously. Nick’s voice with the accompaniment of different tones and instruments has remnants of some new age pop and modern country with a dash of that timeless country sound that many artists have used such as Garth Brooks, and Alan Jackson. “I Promise You” is the perfect amount of country mixed with pop and if you are looking for your next feel good, heart throbbing, “I’m in love” kind of song – then look no further because Nick Hedden has you covered!

Listen to "I Promise You" here and get to know more about Nick Hedden in our interview below!

Hey Nick! Wonderful to chat with you! Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

I was born and raised in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Just across the border to Detroit. While working on music I graduated with my Bachelors in Criminology and am currently working on my Master’s. On top o my music and schooling, I also coach football for a youth football organization in my hometown with my two brothers.

Do you remember what first drew out your passion for music?

I remember as a kid loving every genre of music. My entire family from my mom’s side to my dad’s side had a really diverse selection of music and I was exposed to it at a really young age. I remember dressing up like Johnny Cash as a young boy and walking around the house with my guitar singing his songs. My dad plays the guitar and taught me how to play. When I realized that I could play and I really enjoyed it, my passion for music went to a new level.

What is the meaning behind “I Promise You”?

The meaning behind “I Promise You” is kind of intertwined with the title. It’s a love song, and the message behind it is, no matter what rough patches or difficulties relationships/marriages bring, if you truly love someone you can forget all the bad things, forgive them and move on.

Tell us what the creative process was like when making “I Promise You”

We wanted to make the wedding song of 2019 and beyond. My genre leans toward Country/Pop, but we wanted to create a song that any person of any musical taste could listen to and enjoy.  We wanted this song to be the ultimate ballad, and I think we nailed it.

Can we expect to see anything new from you in 2019?

Yes! Absolutely. I have an EP coming out in the near future and a single or two more to be released very soon. I am so excited about these songs and I can’t wait for everyone to hear them. They are killer tunes.


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