Ibby VK Releases Heart Rendering Single Inspired By Tragedy

24 year old lbby VK is a 24 year old pop, folk, indie and acoustic singer/songwriter who was born and raised in Dubai. His upbringing and background influenced a lot of his artistry. Being raised in a multicultural family of Armenian/Syrian descent influenced his songwriting and molded it into a unique style personal to him. lbby usually writes his music impacted by his personal stories, struggles, and everyday life while also touching base on topics ranging from your average slow ballads and love songs all the way to self-acceptance, and death. He included much of that substantial lyricism in his release of “Where We Belong” off his upcoming sophomore EP titled “One Man Nation”.

“Where We Belong” is considered to be a lyrical nostalgic song with an uptempo vibe. It was written around 2 years prior during the saddening dying death of his uncle. “Where We Belong” is a conversation between a dying man and the angel of Death, who tries to befriend the man until the latter decides to give in, accept his new life, and tells Death to "Take me back, Where We Belong" which Death reaffirms. A powerful song that represents an accurate moment in time where lbby had to experience a triumph. What’s so beautiful about this track is that Ibby used tragedy as a way for self-expression and metaphorically creating a dynamic song piece where we can understand the passion and pain lbby felt in an oddly delightful aesthetic, instead of your average depressing sad song. lbby hinders the deep depression behind the lyrics while painting the song’s face with uplifting chords and riveting melodies.

Although you can still hear the slight dwellsome in lbby’s voice, projected with power and passion, you can also hear the acceptance and overcoming strength of a tragedy lbby dealt with. It shows the authenticity in songwriting for an artist. Drawing inspiration from a tragic moment in life, and using it as a scapegoat to release your feelings in any creative momentum you choose and lbby VK executed this well.

Listen to “Where We Belong” here and get to know Ibby VK in our interview below!

Hi Ibby! Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hey! I go by the name Ibby VK, but you can call me Ibby; Dubai born, raised and based Pop, Folk, and Acoustic singer/songwriter of Armenian/Syrian origins.

How was it growing up in Dubai? How does the music scene in Dubai differentiate from the music scene in other countries?

Dubai and the UAE in general is a pretty cool place to grow up in, there are more than 200 nationalities living here so it is probably the most culturally diverse place on Earth, which is cool because you grow up accepting and loving other people and their traditions and beliefs no matter where they're from, and it influenced me a lot music wise. The music scene here is still very new however, the country itself isn't 50 years old yet so there wasn't a "scene" until very recently, maybe the last 5-10 years. So compared to places like Europe or the States who have been in this business ever since music was a thing, it still has a lot of milestones to overcome. But I can assure you, there is no lack in industry standard talent over here. Support and investment initiatives though, now that's what needs to be worked on in this part of the musical world.

In what ways did your multicultural background impact and influence your song-writing and artistry?

It had a HUGE impact, because not only is my family multicultural, but like I said, so was the place I grew up in. I've probably heard every type of music in every major language out there from English to Arabic to Hindi and to genres ranging from the Rock, Metal, and Rap that I grew up listening to, all the way to traditional folk songs in languages you probably never heard of. But it was always clear to me what direction I wanted to go and how I wanted to sound since I started doing music.

You were brave enough to open up about the loss of your uncle and used it for inspiration in “Where We Belong” how challenging was the songwriting process for this?

Thank you for saying that. Yeah WWB is a pretty emotional song that is dear to my heart, and is definitely one of my favorite songs, and probably my favorite released song up to date. But writing the song was not challenging at all. I didn't have to think of the lyrics, it was like they literally came out onto my notes on the phone. It sounded much different when I sat to work on it with my friend and producer "Wajeeh" but when I released my first EP, I cam back to the song knowing what I wanted to sound like from then on, and we re-did the whole thing until it became what you hear today. It used to be an EDM track believe it or not haha.

Who are a few of your musical influences who have shaped your career in the music industry?

Lyrically, I am very heavily influenced by the stuff I grew up listening to. Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, Linkin Park, Hollywood Undead, Eminem, and many more. Music wise, i try to tell the producer I work with what I want the song to sound like and the good ones know exactly how to integrate these thoughts into the music, not many influences though. But from more recent times, I have not admired any artist like I do Ed Sheeran, I love his sound and my live performances are heavily influenced by his.

What’s next for your in 2019?

I will be releasing another single from my second EP, followed by the EP itself, then a third single from there, as well as a couple music videos probably. I have enough songs for 4 albums and I love to write songs and do so on a daily basis, so there is a lot to choose from, but I think I'll only release 2 EP's this year with singles. I also want to focus on my live performances a lot so I will see how it all plans itself out I guess.

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