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iBleazy Declares His Love In “F4U”

Moving between Northern Colorado and Southern California, Pop/Hip-hop singer and songwriter iBleazy sings a declaration of love in “F4U.”

iBleazy has come a long way in his artistic life. His journey started at high school, participating in multiple talent shows; since then, he gave music a huge place in his life, and it has grown over the years as he improves his craft. Now he is creating songs to sing bluntly about life, mental health, and love.

“F4U” is the new peak iBleazy has reached in his musical path. It is a romantic and feel-good song you would like to sing to that special one. iBleazy uses his powerful and emotional vocals to say that love matters, and it transforms your life, and he does a fantastic job saying it than through the sounds of tender pop.

Press the play button and hear the electric guitar playing nostalgic chords, bringing sweet memories as iBleazy’s voice gets in. It is gentle and melodic, making the lyrics run smoothly to your heart, almost like he’s reading a handwritten love letter. “F4U” has a dreamy ambiance full of roses and promises; it just sounds like falling in love.

iBleazy’s is an extraordinary storyteller, and it is amazing how he managed to put his emotions in such sincere words. While he demonstrates his vocal abilities, he sings about how he is willing to spend his life with his beloved one and take the poison of the rough moments and mood swings. Well, that’s true love for you.

Are you in love? Then “F4U” is the song to remember or better sing to that person. Love is waiting for you, so don’t make it wait. Go listen to it, available today on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMsuic iBleazy, and congratulations on your latest release, "F4U." How challenging was it to put such intense emotions into words when writing “F4U?”

The biggest thing with songwriting is learning that when you are putting your art out there, you're putting your feelings and emotions into it, really leaving all things on the table to be said. The emotion of the song comes from the love-drunk feeling you get when you know you're in something that is nothing but a toxic-filled box, and you get that energy, strength, courage, or whatever you want to call it to get up and say you know what I'm out. Even if I helped create some of the "crazy," I still got to go, and nothing you can do even though "high key" the other person still has you wrapped; you know what is best is to leave or move on. I wanted this emotion to come from a guy's point of view as well because we hear it so often from female performers. I wanted to destigmatize the "all men are trash" symbolism and bring it back to a level of reality of it happening on both ends. Both men and women are equally as guilty. What makes “F4U” different from your other songs?

"F4U" differs from my other music in many ways. From the music itself, really diving into a new era of future bass, pop rock sounding elements, and big breaks. To even lyrically change what I have done in the past. Like the above, I'm at a point where if my songs put out an intense emotion or intense meaning, it is fully meant. We are being blunt and not holding back in this era of music. Straight to the point. From music that is already out there, I try really hard to come up with catchy melodies or easily sing-along-type lyrics. Being an independent artist, you are fighting against big music companies, and you have to do everything and anything to separate yourself from the rest. One thing about iBleazy, is you are always going to get different moods, different genres, and just different vibes all the way around. Got to keep it fresh!

What message would you like to add to “F4U” that you couldn’t say in the song?

When you asked me this, the first thing that came to mind was honesty. The message is as simple the truth will set you free. The longer you lie or, the more you lie, the more sh&% that comes with it when the truth is finally out there. Be straight up from the get-go. A quick way to see yourself out of my life in any sort of situation is to lie to me. How much has love been the fuel for creating your music?

I think love is only 1% of it, honestly. We all love, love. The idea of love and being in love. It's a universal language. My fuel for creating comes from many places. Mental health, relationships; platonic and romantic, Life experiences, life wants, and dreams! I don't want to ever get to a point in my career as an artist where my music is one-sided and talks about one thing. You are going to get it ALL from me.

What's next for you?

World Domination! No, in all seriousness, for iBleazy, I think the next thing is really just marketing the F out of iBleazy and who I am and what I/it represents. The love and support thus far from everyone have been nothing short of amazing, and now we elevate that to the next level. Live performances, features, appearances, Merch (clothing) lines or collaborations, and so much more. My biggest goal over the next year is to get into the Silent Disco lineup and Global Dance Festival here in Denver, Colorado next year. I guess it does kind of sound like world domination, huh?


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