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Idiot Spit Uses his Platform to Raise Awareness for Homeless Youth

With his eloquent delivery of stripped-down instrumentation that highlights the fragility of human emotion, Idiot Spit is not your typical artist.

Seven years ago, he set out to begin writing his recently released album 'Needlework.' Somewhere along the way, the DIY artist found himself swept away into a life of addiction, and his main focus quickly transitioned from music to finding a safe place to sleep.

His bright star during darker times was Seattle’s ROOTS Young Adult Shelter, where he eventually got back onto his feet.

Idiot Spit then dedicated himself to his music and eventually recorded his entire album on his laptop microphone. The authenticity of his music is what makes him relatable and accessible to listeners. With its simplistic production, Idiot Spit’s music allows listeners to focus on his introspective lyricism.

Idiot Spit then decided to donate one hundred percent of his album proceeds to the ROOTS shelter, proving to his audience that anyone can get through the dark times and come out on top.

Discover more about Idiot Spit here. Discover 'Needlework' here.

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