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idkanymore Has Us Spinning With "Consequences"

Using a devious trap underlay, drawing in co-conspirator Austin Hull, idkanymore reveals pulsing palm tree music meant for rollin’ thru Beverly Hills to West Hollywood AFAIK.

Signed to Sony-imprint Higher Reign Music Group, this duo, created by Nicklaus Grassett and Alexander Conway in 2018, is as much a sendup of millennial culture, as a celebration of it.

The music seems the residual sands on the beach from a dubstep wave that receded and left mumble rappers in its wake.

Glistering in that afterglow, “Consequences” is a creation with shimmering soulfulness. Because idkanymore delivers songs equally indebted to hip-hop, R&B, and pop. On “Consequences” we attempt to posture that you’re immune from their engaging properties. But that bass just keeps your head nodding. Resistance is futile. The modern music machine is fickle. Don’t hate the player. Win the game. This is shaggy tight dreads music. It’s tight ripped pants and a fitted hoodie music. It’s that your boy’s down from Canada to record in LA so you’re scheduled to hit a Sunset Boulevard hip-hop show later music. We must drink our fill.

Listen to "Consequences" on Spotify, and discover what idkanymore is all about in our exclusive interview below!


What do you like about having a name that is an entire sentence?

I (Nick) love our name; it’s length and simplicity. It subtly describes my life in various moments of my musical (and daily) journey. Its short, bittersweet, and to the point.  

Alexander: It’s pretty dope, not even sure how to answer this one.

Tell me the idkanymore origin story: What were the forces of the universe that brought Nicklaus Grassett and Alexander Conway together?

Funny story actually. I’ve (Sasha) known Nick for quite a while. Thanks to social media, we came in contact in 2017 through a music group. We talked about collaborating often through messages after seeing each other’s material… A month or two later, we’re deciding on a project name. It was originally a solo endeavor, but we felt that we’d have a lot more fun pulling our strengths together. We work well together, despise the distance!

What are your goals for this project?

That answer is simple and difficult. Definitely make great music, work with good people. We’ve got a lot in store for everyone and all the songs are really fun and different. Expect some new things from us very soon, we’re currently working on a few new songs. It’s exciting to keep this project moving forward after seeing the amazing response our single has gotten. We would say our main goal is to put out more music for everyone to enjoy.

Is there a particular time of day or of the week when you are most productive musically?

The answer would be different for both of us. Since we work remotely, we have different schedules as well as a time zone difference. We work at our own pace and don’t rush into things. We’re able to maintain great communication though; keeping each other in the loop. We tend to work on production and writing almost every day. Its rare that I (Nick) don’t do something in my studio, I have no excuse, it’s right in my house! I believe I’m most creative when I first wake up and have my coffee, blaring some new sounds through my monitors.

What’s is the best situation to blare “Consequences”?

Consequences could mean something different to each person. It doesn’t necessarily represent our future sound, but we are sticking within those elements in our next releases. This debut has been a blast, and is definitely a small taste of what’s to come you’re way. Were grateful to be apart of your situation, whatever it may be.  It hits pretty hard in the car!

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