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If You're Looking For “Trouble,” Get Your Fix With Meresha’s New Music Video

Hailing from South Florida, the self-proclaimed alien pop recording artist and singer-songwriter Meresha is looking for some "Trouble" in her latest music video.

Meresha may come from South Florida, but she's a true global citizen that makes an effort to connect with worldwide listeners through each release. Her sound could be described as part tropical, part Euro-electronic, part contemporary, and part extraterrestrial.

Although her music career has been vastly successful, Meresha still likes to go against the grain and get up to no good. Viewers can catch Meresha getting into some "Trouble" in her latest music video. The song itself is a groovy and upbeat pop banger that has us looking for the dancefloor, and the music video takes us there.

Jumping into the music video for "Trouble," we see Meresha roaming Miami's Little Haiti, surrounded by fishnets and ready for something exciting. As she drops a buck into a man's cup, he slyly hands her a card that reads, "Looking for some trouble?"

As a handsome, devilish man sweeps her away, they reach a dark and bumping Miami club packed with music, LED lights, and sensual dance moves. Meresha doesn't seem to care what she's gotten herself into.

While her catchy melodies and suggestive lyrics roam the background, Meresha bumps and grinds her way to the next source of stimulation. Puffing on a cigarette, we switch to scenes of Meresha riding through Miami on her bicycle, only to realize that trouble was existing in her imagination all along.

Whatever "Trouble" Meresha was up to in her latest music video; we want in. Join the party and catch Meresha's music video for "Trouble" on YouTube.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Meresha. After watching your new music video, we definitely want to get into some "Trouble." What inspired the groovy and suggestive song itself?

The last few years. After being cooped up and isolated for too long, a lot of people are longing to get out and make some trouble again.

What was it like shooting the music video for "Trouble?" Did you have a team help execute your vision?

I worked with David Rousseau, one of the top music video directors. David brings an entire crew to the shoot, including make-up, wardrobe people, etc. It's all very well managed, though. We shoot all in one day even if we have a lot of different scenes and actors.

What was your goal with the "Trouble" music video? What visual experience did you want to give viewers?

You might notice my eyes at a point in the video. They become otherworldly. It is not so evident that what happens in the video is real or that it is even on Earth. My music is called "Alien Pop," which means it's sort of like Pop and sort of out of this world. Even if we shot the video in a cool part of Miami, it has a mysterious otherworldly feel.

Would you say that most of your music is rather risque, powerful, and sensual, similar to "Trouble?" How can new listeners better understand you through this single?

You can interpret "Trouble" in various ways. I wouldn't say that most of my music is sensual, but I do hope that it moves people.

What's next for you?

I've been performing live again on my "Trouble Tour" which has been amazing. It's so great to get on stage again and cause some trouble there. I've been performing some songs that are not out yet. I can't wait to release those to the world.


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