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Illuminate The Way With Jackie June's Song, "Afterglow"

Find the courage to speak your truth,' – is the mission that New Jersey singer and songwriter Jackie June channels into the principle of her intoxicating melodies. Truth has remained a formidable force for the songstress, having spent most of her life suppressing her undying passion for music.

Now, secure in her footing and firm in her voice, Pop sensation Jackie June shares her story of apprehension with the world, instructing those both young and old that it's never too late to leap forward into your truth.

Harnessing her voice and speaking as the narrator of her own story, Jackie June accesses the most authentic version of herself with the records that she has put forth. This stands especially true in her latest release, "Afterglow."

In a triumphant force field of melodies that sway from delicate Pop journeys to colossal Rock anticipations, "Afterglow" swiftly enters your headspace as a robustly moving ballad reminding the audience that in difficult times, the storm will pass. Addressing genuine themes through her intricately written lyrics, Jackie June delves into the emotion-filled timbres pouring from her being. We can't help but acknowledge how artistically versatile this artist is as she stands by her empowering motif of finding the courage to be your authentic self.

Cascading her powerhouse vocalization to swarm over the instrumentation and act as a centerpiece, Jackie June seamlessly elevates her presence through the peaks and caves that the composition holds, much like her message she is portraying. In a flash, you'll be overcome with the sweet sounds of her charismatic persona shining brightly on dimly lit subjects as she cements her place in the realm of Pop with her abstract songwriting techniques.

As one to always offer reflection in the most sincere forms of musical formations, Jackie June displays her compelling heart, mind, and soul as she captures those of her audience. "Afterglow" will be left on repeat as it remains the impactful anthem that the world needs to hear.

Congratulations on the release of your single, “Afterglow.” As you touch on such delicate subjects on this song, could you please tell us; what inspired the storyline behind “Afterglow”?

Thank you so much! Well, we all went through a really tough time in 2020 (2021 isn't feeling so great, either...haha). For me personally, I had lost my day job, had shows and a tour canceled, along with a variety of other disappointments. Life seemed pretty dark and I found myself having some really rough days. It was really hard for me to find hope that things would ever get better. "Afterglow" is about those feelings but I wanted to show that we should all still have hope. When we think it will be dark forever, there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel.

How important is it for you to be vulnerable with your audience in reflecting realistic themes?

It's super important to me. I have always had a hard time being vulnerable. I tend to laugh or get awkward. But with music, it comes naturally. For some reason, music is the only way I know how to be vulnerable.

Could you please take us into the creative process of what it looked like to record, “Afterglow”?

Sure! I wrote "Afterglow" with Jimmy Meier (The Dives). We wrote the entire song virtually during the pandemic and had never even met in person before! Writing together actually came very naturally. Once we were finished, we went into the studio with Rob Freeman (Audio Pilot Studio), who also recorded and produced my songs "Reckless" and "Can't Quit You". Jimmy played the drums and bass on the recording and Rob played the rest. They were both incredible to work with. We had a blast!

What has been the best piece of advice that you have been given along your artistic journey?

To believe in myself. If I don't, no one else will.

What would you like listeners to know about you and the music you create?

All of the songs I write are very personal to me. They come from actual experiences or emotions that I've had. I work really hard to create songs that are authentic, relatable, but also catchy and fun to listen to.



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