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"In Her Eyes," Portrays Deep Reflections

Independent singer and songwriter, Alex Van is a Belgian artist whose musical career began when he began to play classical guitar at the age of nine.

Quickly his musical style started to shift towards folk, blues, and rock music. Being shaped by tragic events that have taken place in his lifetime, his honest lyrics and up-front melodies invite listeners directly into his heart.

Warm acoustic guitar strums immediately illuminate your inner light as you begin to take in Alex Van’s latest single, “In Her Eyes.” The profound vocalization that Alex Van displays, shimmers through a euphonious utopia of mesmerizing sonic heights. Humble, but proud of the meaningful lyrics he brings to life, the prevailing tones glisten through delicate tenors permeating throughout your mind.

The mid-tempo instrumentation sways through the evocative guitar riffs, as the tight drum patterns bring rhythmic ambiance to a whole new dimension. This earnest ballad of, “In Her Eyes,” dips into themes of a love-fueled heart. Placing attention on the stunning moments that Alex Van shares with his brown-eyed girl are both poignant and heartwarming.

Alex Van channels his energy through artistic talents that remain top tier. With numerous elements influencing his sound, it becomes more and more apparent that these echoes speak into the musical creations he puts forth. Accumulating exclusive sounds of his own while paying homage to artists before him, the performance that is, “In Her Eyes,” seamlessly flows together in a unified manner.

With our sights set on the forthcoming narratives that will be released from Alex Van, we shall continue to dip our toes in the pool of his heavenly aptitudes.

Congratulations on the release of, “In Her Eyes.” In your own words, what does this track mean to you as the artist?

Thank you so much for having me. This song is was written almost 4 years ago when I was studying songwriting in Brighton Uk. It is a track that is very close to my heart, I feel it is one of the first ‘honest’ songs I have written in my career as a songwriter. It is also the track with the best feedback many friends and fans were genuinely touched by the song which means a great deal to me.

How long did it take for you to record and create this particular song?

The interesting thing with this song is that It took me 3 years to take it to the studio, I did record a bedroom demo at the time but then I kind of let it rest for a bit, I was still playing it live until I came to the point where I really got tired of playing it (That is when I knew that it was time to take the song to the studio) The writing however only took me around 2 hours. I wrote the lyrics hungover during a lecture at university and the chords I wrote in my room.

The recording process took a while because believe it or not more time goes into recording an acoustic track than an electronic track( at least in my experience). Especially the recording of the acoustic guitar, I can’t remember how many takes it took me to get the right sound. After the recording, my producer and I waited almost a year to finalize the track with mixing and mastering. (because of the coronavirus) Probably the reason why the track came out so well, like a good wine we let it rest for a while and went back to finalizing the track with fresh ears.

Does all your music reflect stories that have personally experienced? What moment inspired, “In Her Eyes”?

I believe every song got a story to tell, some of the more intense than others, In Her Eyes was written during a time where I just wanted to experience romance and love ( something I never really experienced before at that time). It describes a moment where I allowed myself to feel vulnerable by looking deeply into someone's eyes.

I realized that one look can be enchanting enough to let go of all the bad stuff in life and just be there and live the moment.

How does, “In Her Eyes,” hold up to other musical creations in your catalog?

As a musician, I have always been more of an acoustic guy. With my previous releases (Forever Young and Pretty Faces ) I tried to experiment with different sounds like trap beats and voice samples, it did come out really well but let's say that so far "In Her Eyes" has been one of the crown jewels of the songs I have recorded so far, I think it describes best who I am as a musician. I wanted to give out the feeling that I am playing the song right in front of the listeners. Currently, the goal is to use a more organic approach with the recording of my other upcoming songs.

What would you like new listeners to know about you and the music you create?

Three years ago my big brother, Julien, passed away at the age of 28. When he died, something was triggered inside me. Of course, I was not in a good place, and I am still sad and devastated, but it made me realize that life is very short. Many people, including myself, are putting energy into things they don't like or want to do or be. At first, I felt powerless and a bit hopeless confronted with this idea but then I decided to channel this bad energy into something inspiring. Through the release of this album, I want to tell stories that will hopefully channel your energies into something true and beautiful. I want to make you smile and make you cry, but most of all I want to touch your heart. You can always check out my Kickstarter platform.

Let's say that through my music I want to invite people directly into my heart because music has always been a channel for my emotions, and I hope that music can be a Chanel for other people’s emotions, and if my music can be one of those channels, I would be very happy.



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