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In “Retrospect,” Jasmine Matthew’s New Single Is a Hidden Gem

Jasmine Matthews is a rising star in the electro-pop R&B genre from Geelong, Australia, making waves with her deeply personal and emotionally charged music. Born out of her own experiences,

Jasmine’s debut EP 'Reverie' delves into themes of infatuation and heartbreak. Jasmine confides, "Being completely vulnerable with myself is what helped create this body of work. It’s a huge part of my identity to feel things deeply and be honest about it." Her latest release, “Retrospect,” provides an insight into her distinctive musical style.

"Retrospect"' takes a departure from Jasmine’s usual romantic themes, reflecting on the experience of being ghosted. "I’m up reminiscing about when you got all Houdini, straight-up disappearing didn’t tell me nothing, was I missing something?".

These lyrics echo the confusing aftermath of being left without an explanation by highlighting the pain of deceit and heartbreak in a relationship. Jasmine then flips the narrative by stating, "Where is my compensation, For the shit that you put me through? I was too good to you.” These lyrics echo the importance of understanding one’s value and urge listeners to harness their resilience to transcend life’s challenges.

In "Retrospect," Jasmine pairs her profound lyrics with layers of dark and ethereal vocals. The song opens with a mesmerizing symphony of voices and a mellow sequence of pads oscillating throughout the introduction. The seamless blend of instruments creates a hauntingly beautiful, heartfelt ambiance yet empty. The composition encourages listeners to step into their power and seek resilience even amid hardship.

Check out "Retrospect," available everywhere now.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Jasmine Matthew, and congratulations on your latest release, "Retrospect." Can you start by telling our readers what made you realize that music was your path?

I think I’ve always known deep down music would be my career. But I only started properly pursuing it in 2021!

What were the biggest influences that contributed to your music style?

I’ve always been a huge jazz & soul fan. I love the groove and romance you generally associate with artists like Ella Fitzgerald and Tony Bennett. I wanted to emulate that for my listeners while putting a modern spin on the production.

Walk us through the production process for "Retrospect."

Retrospect was created quickly - we wanted something darker and upbeat to contrast with the other tracks. We recorded the lead vocals, and I decided I didn’t like the vibe anymore, so I returned to the studio the next day with a whole new song! The focus for Retrospect was placed a lot on the production, my main vision was to have something sexy and moody, and I think we achieved that.

How does "Retrospect" fit into the overall narrative of your upcoming EP?

I wanted to shift from my regular romantic vibe to a darker lens, so ‘Retrospect’ invites you to embrace your inner villain and remind yourself: you are ‘too good’ to be putting up with any person who makes you feel like you’re not worth their time.

How do you hope your music will influence your listeners?

When I’m creating and performing, I aim to make music that resonates with other people’s experiences, as well as

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