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In the Holiday Spirit? So is Soul Artist Sharaé, With Her Latest Release, "Our First Christmas"

Soul Singer/Songwriter Sharaé has recently contributed to the bout of holiday singles we've been hearing, and she does so in the best way possible.

Deriving her own Christmas-driven EP, 'A Christmas Gift,' Sharaé strived to release positive and uplifting emotions onto listeners, especially after all that has unveiled over the past year. With a strong passion for affecting music, Sharaé never fails to impress us with her amiable sound, and one particular track on the EP found itself standing out with utmost sentimental value.

If you're in need of a silky, soft, and sensual Christmas experience, then Sharaé's recent holiday release, "Our First Christmas," is definitely the track for you. Sharaé isn't compromising on any form of quality with this particular cheerful holiday-inspired love song. The track immediately glides across your ears with potent grace, instilling a warm and comfortable feeling.

Melodies are soft and purposeful, which only melt into the warm embrace of Sharaé's projected voice. "Our First Christmas" truly is the kind of single you're wanting to listen to if you're, well, not single, as it ventures along with the storyline of love.

The theme is inspiring and uplifting, allowing the imparted energy to feel sweet, soft, and full of pure cheer. "Our First Christmas" had impactful lyricism, and definitely stood out on Sharaé's EP.

How was the experience in writing and recording your very own holiday-inspired EP?

I had an amazing time working on this EP! Holiday music brings me so much joy. This was my first time recording my own material so it was a huge learning experience. I’m so grateful for the team I had helping me bring my vision to reality.

Compared to other singles added onto the EP, how do you feel that "Our First Christmas" compared regarding lyrical content?

The lyrics in “Our First Christmas” are a bit more grounded in reality than the feel-good holiday classics. “Our First Christmas” explores the excitement of experiencing the Holidays as a couple for the first time. From the bustle of getting things together for a holiday gathering to finally getting some alone time. It aims to express the feeling that Christmas will be extra special (the very best) when you spend it with the one you love.

Was there a specific individual you had in mind whilst writing "Our First Christmas"? Would you say that you often extend the content of your singles from your everyday personal life, or are they simply a product of immaculate storytelling?

I had a feeling someone would ask me that! Yes, there was a special someone I had in mind. We have yet to celebrate the holidays together so this song depicts what I imagine our first Christmas will be like. I would say that my music is a romanticized version of my personal life. Most of the songs I’ve written were inspired by someone or some event in my life. From there, I use my imagination and love for storytelling to build out the song.

What was the main goal in releasing "Our First Christmas", and ultimately, the entirety of the EP it finds itself on?

We’ve been through a lot this year. I wanted to do something to bring some cheer and joy to 2020. I thought a Christmas project would be the perfect way to do that. I knew that one of the songs on the EP had to give listeners a preview of what they could expect from me as a solo artist. “Our First Christmas” combines my love for the holidays with my love for romance and the classic R&B sound.

2020 has been a very challenging year for everyone. What has been keeping you inspired to create music? What advice can you give another artist who's finding it difficult to do so?

I always find my way back to music during tough times. Music has a way of being whatever you need when you need it. Music uplifts, it connects and transcends time and space. During a time when we can’t be together physically, I’ve been inspired to use music as a way to stay connected to people and true to myself.

My advice for other artists would be to go back to the basics. Revisit the albums that made you fall in love with music in the first place. I spent a lot of time listening to my favorite artists - Whitney, Donny Hathaway, Beyoncé, etc. I was then reminded of the healing power of music and was inspired to use my own voice to bring hope and joy to others. The world needs music. The world needs artists now more than ever.

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