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Indiana Bradley Denounces A Wrecked Society in “Rats on Cocaine”

Los Angeles-based alternative artist, Indiana Bradley, releases “Rats on Cocaine,” the first single of his incoming EP.

Indiana Bradley is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who has traveled around the world from Argentina to Indonesia for several years. He has been to dozens of countries, collecting knowledge and experiences that enrich Indiana’s music. Indiana has an authentic signature in his craft that offers a new experience to his listeners.

“Rats On Cocaine” was produced and mixed by Hunter Burgan, who also plays the bass and guitars in the song. This rock song is exciting from the moment you hit the play button, and the music video, edited by Indiana Bradley, pairs with the social message of “Rats On Cocaine.”

Listening to “Rats On Cocaine” starts with a distorted guitar accompanied by keys in the background. Then you hear Indiana's voice. His vocals are deep and enveloping, an energizing element in the track. “Rats On Cocaine” has “The Killers” with lyrics you would love to sing along with and instrumentals that keep the hype the whole song.

The lyrics of “Rats On Cocaine” have poetic language. They don’t tell the story explicitly, but it is open for you to picture. In any case, you can see the strong message against illness in society’s codes and the absurdity of the status quo. The video reasserts the statement showing a dog that looks like a millionaire giving in to his poisonous passions.

Give your head a shake and rock with Indiana Bradley listening to “Rats On Cocaine.”

Welcome to BuzzMusic Indiana Bradly, and congratulations on your latest release, "Rats on Cocaine." What was your most significant purpose with “Rats On Cocaine?”

I wrote "Rats on Cocaine" as a commentary on the cocaine-fueled, social media-worshiping underbelly of Los Angeles that leads us like a freight train toward unfulfillment, rage, and jealousy.

How did making “Rats On Cocaine” reflect your traveling experiences?

"Rats on Cocaine" doesn't have a lot of inspiration from traveling. It's much darker than that. It's the ramblings of a paranoid mad person who can't stop impulsive destructive behavior even though spirits and inherited wisdom are pleading with him or her to leave at once before it's too late.

How would you like “Rats On Cocaine” to impact your career?”

I'd simply like "Rats on Cocaine" to be heard by as many people as possible, and hopefully, they will be entertained and/or moved by the message, the music, and the video.

What would you like your listeners to picture when listening to “Rats On Cocaine?”

I'd like listeners to picture the bedlam and mania we observe in Los Angeles and often actively participate in and question the inertia it brings to our lives.

What's next for you?

My next single from this EP, "Pale City," releases on December 10th. It's called "Animals" and is also produced and mixed by Hunter Burgan, who plays guitars and bass on the whole record.


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