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Indie Advance, “The Global Hub For Independent Musicians” Debuts

CEO of Indie Advance and music business veteran Tom Callahan announces an exciting development within the company, offering a new music distribution platform and an executive advisory board for independent artists everywhere.

Consistently providing the best deals for the average independent act, Indie Advance offers their services to create a 'middle class,' where assistance like this is easily attainable. While making the artist/band's experience within the industry easier to navigate, Indie Advance is also adamant about having them feel comfortable and share a safe space to let their creative visions flourish.

Regarding Indie Advance's latest distribution announcement, the experience of releasing music through broad platforms has never been so simple. They offer a friendly user interface that distributes to over 150 platforms, including; Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc. With a unique split payout feature, the Indie Advance system pays out 100% of artist earnings directly to each member.

What stands out about Indie Advance is the fact that their prices exclude hidden fees while starting at the rate of $24.99 for distribution alone. Although, artists who purchase any of Indie Advance's services are entitled to an unlimited distribution. This brings us to our next point, Indie Advance's follow-up announcement regarding their executive advisory board.

Looking for guidance amid the cut-throat industry can be quite challenging, but Indie Advance is eager to announce its executive advisory board that allows artists to turn to the best thought leaders in the music and tech business while learning from their expertise. As the world continues to move into a self-sustaining environment, Indie Advance believes that creating this ecosystem begins with a healthy and balanced music industry, suited for all artists and creators.

We highly appreciate the work you're doing for independent acts everywhere. When was Indie Advance created, and what inspired you to take on this entrepreneurial endeavor?

I actually created Indie Advance in 2009, built the site and services, etc, but never did anything with it, as I was still operating my other consulting business at the same time. That business had picked up dramatically, sort of unexpectedly and out of the blue, and so I shelved Indie Advance. I always knew it was a good idea, and a unique idea though back in 2009 and always thought someday I might revisit it. As far as entrepreneurial endeavors go, I have always been an independent thinker and sort of unorthodox in the way I orchestrated my career path. I also come from an indie music background, as an ex touring musician, so I have seen and experienced the struggles that indie artists face. I started my first business in 1992 when I resigned from Virgin Records as the Vice President of Adult Format Radio promotion. I have worn many hats in the industry, as an indie label owner, an independent record promoter, and artist manager. Prior to starting Indie Advance, I also helped build the licensing company Songtradr with Paul Wiltshire for the first 2.5 years, of which I am very proud, and happy to see them doing so well. Being my own boss has always appealed to me for the quality of life I like to create for me and my family. My time, and how I manage it was, and still is a priority for me. Speaking for our readers, how does one begin their journey with Indie Advance? Which services would you recommend to an act that's just making their debut?

I set out to create a safe and trusting environment for artists, where they would feel confident that the tools we provide, such as strategy sessions, distribution, licensing, and all the services offered, were of the highest caliber and structured with the artists' best interest in mind. The beauty is, any artist at any level, will find what they need to enhance their career objectives. Although we have a series of bundled services that are simple and affordable to purchase, the artist is free to either create their own bundle or simply use our A la carte services, depending on their needs. Our distribution is one of the finest and easiest to use, as well as pays out 100% of all royalties and splits to other co-writers, even if they are not a member. Come onto the site and navigate around and I am sure you find our distribution and services very helpful. Regarding Indie Advance's executive advisory board, what sort of industry advice and guidance do you offer acts? Is each service tweaked to fit the needs of the act at hand?

We are very very fortunate to have such esteemed business and music executives on our advisory board. They are available to any artist for strategy sessions or consultation as well. They are not only here for my benefit, they are also here to benefit the artist. Their knowledge base in so many areas of not only the music business but in advertising, branding, tech, etc is something that I don't believe is offered by any other company. Clients don’t typically get to speak with corporate advisors and they are a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

With Indie Advance's new music distribution platform, how did you manage to create this interface to be incredibly modern, easy, and user-friendly?

We are very, very happy with the system. We partnered with a great team that built it, and have been operating for 8 years. We have tweaked a couple of minor things, but honestly, I can not take credit for the build. If I can understand it, however, yes, it is user friendly and easy! What has been keeping you inspired and motivated in 2020?

As we all know, 2020 has been just a horrific year for so many. It has not always been easy to stay inspired and positive quite honestly. I have seen so many, give so much to others during this time, that I have drawn inspiration from them. To be strong and positive in the face of such adversity, and being of service to others, is the most important thing in life. Witnessing those people sacrifice so much, has encouraged me to stay positive. I have thrown myself 100% into my work, which keeps me focused, and as a martial artist most of my life, the training has kept me connected to what really matters. I am very lucky on so many levels, and now I want to share with others. Indie Advance is a manifestation of this.

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