Indie-Rock Group Onism E Is Delivering Their Authentic Sound From NYC

Onism E is New York City's newest indie rock band. From singer/songwriter Eline Chavez, this new project comes after an extended hiatus from the tour scene to further craft and develop her production skills. After a few years of embedding herself in the production side of the music scene, she is finally back and ready to tell the story of those years out of the public eye. Known for being a workhorse in the indie music scene, Eline continues to develop her unique and ever-evolving style with Onism E. Rooted in rock music; this is a combination of her alt-rock style and a newfound love of moody and often dark melodies.

“Love You More” kicks things off with a bang. Onism E clearly drive with a shared love for the music they make, for the strength and quickness of rock guitar wor, for distortion and melody united. Engaging and poetic songwriting connects with a passionate and easily recognizable, characterful voice, to offer up a soundscape and audio experience that’s a pleasure to turn up loud and get lost within. Onism E spread a contagious message of acceptance and love throughout “Love You More”. Onism E offers all of this and more including emotional weight and togetherness. “Love You More” by Onism E is proof that rock is alive and well. Thankfully rock music is returning to the passionate, skillful escapism of its roots.

Listen to “Love You More” here and keep scrolling to read our interview with Onism E.

Hey Onism E! How did your band come to fruition?

Hi! Well, the word Onism is the knowledge that you could be anywhere at any point in time; the frustrations of being stuck in one body. That's this band in a nutshell. Ha. I had a lot of moving parts for a bit because at the beginning it was just me. I would play, write, and record on my own. There were a lot of times I thought, if I was in LA I could play with that cool bass player or if I was in Austin, I could play with that amazing drummer. It was tough at the beginning. Now, I have a rotating cast of characters so to speak that play shows with me BUT, it looks like a permanent lineup is on the horizon and I am excited about that possibility.

Tell us about your new single “Love You More”? What inspired it? 

"Love You More" is about a friend of mine. He was amazing, brilliant, sweet and kind. He was everything any proud parent would want with one difference, he was transgender. His family basically disowned him and that crushed him. That was my song to him. I wanted him to know that I would love him no matter what and that I would always be there for him. I needed him to know that someone loved him "as is" and that my view of him would never change. When he took his life I wasn't sure how to finish it or if I would release it but then, I realized I needed to because it's his song.

My hope is that it reaches those that need it the most. I hope it gives them courage, helps them find the strength and makes them feel a little less alone.

Is this new single leading up to a bigger project? 

Kinda. Ha. I've been releasing singles all year. This song is the fourth one and we have a couple more to come...I think. Ha. I think a big project might be in store for 2020 but for now, I'm happy releasing singles and figuring out things as I go.

Where is the best setting to listen to your songs, and what do you hope people take away from them?

Hmm. Well, I have a friend that said the song, "Stay" made him workout harder. "Let You Go" made a friend cry. She told me that I needed to warn her when I was going to pull that crap so that she could prepare ahead of time and be home with a box of tissue and a glass of wine. The response to "Love You More" has been about love and hope. Again, a friend told me it made her cry. I don't mean to make people cry but I seem to elicit that response. So I would say, it depends but you may need tissue. Ha. Does that help?

As far as the take away, I write and share because we all deal with hurt, joy, love, sadness, anger, betrayal, defeat....I hope they listen and it makes them feel less alone and more hopeful. Some of the best songs have made me cry until my eyes were all puffy but afterwards, I felt better. Music can be so powerful and I hope people see my songs that way.

What’s next for you going through to the end of 2019? 

More music and we're going to tour some so I am excited. We have played a lot of private shows but we are finally going to get out there to play some cool venues. So to those that have asked when we'll be playing live, follow us on your favorite social and stay tuned!


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