Indigo Blue Strives to Communicate Life Experiences to His Listeners

Indigo Blue is a singer/songwriter that focuses his time on the development of his diversified sound. Bringing in a multitude of genre styles, such as pop, drum, bass, future bass and pop-rock, Indigo Blue aims to break barriers with the current category of music he resides in. He doesn't want to adhere to the typical soundscapes available to listeners today. With over 15 years of experience as a singer and songwriter, Indigo Blue prides himself on staying real to his artistic and personal self.

Indigo Blue finds comfort in creating music with deep, hidden meanings. The music of Indigo Blue subsequently requires focus, determination, and deep comprehension. Similar to a puzzle, Indigo Blue provides listeners with the ability to deconstruct a song to extract meaning and significance. We're perplexed by Indigo Blue and all of the life experiences he has to communicate through his music. As we guide through the various offerings by Indigo Blue thus far, we feel overwhelmed, and yet soothed by the fact we have an opportunity to delve into introspection. What you see is what you get with Indigo Blue, and his authenticity unravels right before you as a listener.

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