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Indulge In Dirtycakes' Latest Single "Gimme Some (An Ode To Craving)"

Rock and rollin' their way out of Los Angeles, California, Dirtycakes releases an incendiary track titled "Gimme Some (An Ode To Craving)".

This full-throttle trio made up of Charley Tichenor (vocals, guitar), Rick Torres (bass, background vocals) and Becky Wreck (drums, percussion) bring the heat with a magnitude of enthusiasm and charisma unmatched by many.

These three gifted individuals touch on topics of addiction, emotion, life challenges, and politics to introduce a groundbreaking sound that's sure to sweep you off your feet and deliver a powerful message of freedom, enlightenment, and vigor.

After opening with a fierce and grungy bassline, audiences are struck with dynamic and high-energy vocals from Charley T. The high-tempo rhythm and timely percussion gives this song an uplifting and revelatory feel from the get-go.

It's without a second thought that there is a potent array of emancipated emotion on display throughout this track as it delivers a savvy sense of well-being to the listener. This hard rock anthem infused with some psychedelic, punk rock flavor radiates in a radical flair with a splash of retribution.

With excitement and pulsating energy, expect more great music coming from this spirited trio. Dirtycakes thrive on zesty, high-powered creativity and we simply cannot wait to hear more of their effectual sound. Keep an eye open for the official music video to be released later this month.

A huge congrats on the release of your single "Gimme Some". Where did you muster your inspiration from in order to bring this project together? To quote the great warrior culture creed and poets, the Mandalorians "THIS IS THE WAY" Music is life, being honest is our path... having a history of addiction, recovery, love, heartbreak, and conquering some demons while losing to others, this autobiographical saga just flowed. The music here was written in a single jam session, and the lyrics came together in a single effort, outdoors, bleeding in mud. Which could sound epic, but was really just assembled in a mantra during a 5k mudder event with friends, from the secret society. Thank you so much for your support. When these efforts to exercise the internal struggles, come together in acts of beauty and power, few things are more rewarding and magical. What was it like creating "Gimme Some?"

We created this recording out in the desert with Dave Catching. Rancho de la Luna is a magical place. The energy, the family & the undeniable vibe of that place comes through the speakers. When you can suspend reality for a few select moments in life, the opportunity is a blessing. To be honest, what you hear is the 3rd take. We went in hot, prepped, ready, and eager, and we let that fire in our souls do the talking on the tape. There is nothing we would take back. The experience was an act of blissful perfection. In the ups and downs of life, channeling that into this act of creative will is the secret sauce. How long have the three of you been creating music together?

Dirtycakes has you hear it on the tape in "Gimme Some (an Ode to Craving)" was playing together for 8 months. Hundreds of hours went into the moment captured here. In the lab, on stage, packed rooms, empty rooms, dark nights, and bright days... it all was synthesized into 2minutes and 17 seconds. How did you come to form the trio that you are today?

Funny how all these things happen. Sometimes bad news is great news... and special moments need to be taken advantage of. Rick and I have known each other for years, and Becky came into the picture, after playing a celebration of someone's life. I'm lucky to be surrounded by people who I love and admire. The good and the bad, that comes and goes, but love means everything. If there was one message you hope that fans will draw from this single, what would that be and why?

Honesty is powerful, fuzz is awesome, and love wins.



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