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Indulge in the Motions of Sephyr Patriq's, 'He's Implacable'

Photo by: Aristoshots

What do you get when you mix a pint of musicality, an ounce of lyricism, a 4.5-octave range, a lot of emotion, and resilience together? Memphis-born Sephyr Patriq.

For years he sat on hundreds of songs, only using songwriting as a personal therapy through the tougher years of his life. He finally took the plunge in releasing his own music and has continued to bring forth a medley of musical styles that he coins Poetic Pop.

Sephyr Patriq implores anybody who dreams of doing something to go after it and go after it unabashedly. This stands especially true on his most recent ten-track album, 'He’s Implacable.'

Conjuring up some of his best work in order to fit the propelling nature of this project, we kick off the album with the introductory track “Tete-A-Tete (Intro).” Using this moment to speak one on one with his listeners, we hear the authentic nature of Sephyr Patriq portrayed over an A Capella bed of harmonies. The poetic nature of what he offers to his audience etches itself into your mind as you hear Sephyr Patriq tap into his own vulnerability while digging below the surface to bring up the emotions found deep within us. Commencing the 'He’s Implacable,' in a way that is refreshing to how artists begin a sonic voyage, we feel that much closer to the tender spirit that makes up Sephyr Patriq.

“Conjure Yuh Up,” is the second and sixth song heard on the album. We get double the heat meant for your extended and condensed listening experience, and let us tell you: we passionately fall into a brilliant conveyance of Sephyr Patriq’s irresistible croons. Placing emphasis on each breath that is taken between the wordings we hear as the song begins, there’s an unorthodox transition that encapsulates us into an artistic realm vibrant and earnest to Sephyr Patriq himself. Going from lush guitar riffs acoustically presenting a soothing atmosphere, to the piano forward ballad that introduces a medley of bass components and tempo, we’re witness to just how well-rounded Sephyr Patriq is within his artistry.

Moving on to the delicately pronounced harp exhibit that opens up the gentle R&B soundscape of “Us Fuse,” we simmer in our seats as we latch onto the elusive vocalization performed by Sephyr Patriq. The enticing, and intimate resonance has us diving into our inner thoughts and emotions in a way that brings up reflections of love. There’s a remarkable essence that infiltrates the speakers as Sephyr Patriq utilizes his harmonies in a profound manner. His melismatic vocal range has the power to illuminate hues that you wouldn’t normally find in just any other R&B record. With how empowering the vocal performance of Sephyr Patriq is on this record, it only makes sense for the eighth song on 'He’s Implacable,' to be the fully acapella version. Here, we get to zone in on all of the impeccably placed harmonies, and dispersed sensations that Sephyr Patriq delves into.

Sephyr Patriq emits lyrical motifs such as, ‘That is my heartbroken on the floor,’ in “Embrace (Feel the Same).” Being more in tune with our vulnerability, and the experiences he has been through, we appreciate the broad spectrum of passion that comes overflowing in this vibrant environment. Jazz-infused components have you feeling the infectious grooves of the beat, all while Sephyr Patriq’s powerful performance dabbles into tantalizing rays of fervently placed conviction. Seeing the various sides of him as an individual and artist opens up an abundance of doors that have us knocking on each one to see what else we can get out from him. Spoiler alert: we receive it all and more with the seventh song offering being a fully extended dance mix courtesy of Xander Milne. This remix allows you to take everything you feasted on, and take it to the dance floor in an organic way. What more could you ask for?

“Never Bit the Apple,” takes us to the halfway mark of 'He’s Implacable,' and this is where Sephyr Patriq breaks free from the finer sentiments that hold him down. You hear the prevailing nature of sincerity flow as he illuminates certain lyrics to directly tie into what his audience may feel, all while telling his own truth. ‘If I never thought you were true, would you disappoint me?’ is the thought-provoking question that melodically infiltrates our minds. Through a series of questions to follow, we grasp onto the warmth and curiosity that Sephyr Patriq portrays so naturally. Since Sephyr Patriq is so versatile, we get treated to another dance mix, but this time tackled by the artistic virtuoso of Gated Reverb. It never ceases to amaze us at how adaptable the dazzling vibrations of Sephyr Patriq actually come to be. Bringing a new light to this piece, we are thrilled to pick up on the various angles that Sephyr Patriq shines in.

As we reach the final moments of 'He’s Implacable,' we come to the bonus acapella track titled "Cainotophobia." Dousing us in a reverberated vessel of harmonies, and luscious vocal cues, Sephyr Patriq has us fixated upon the words he carefully structures in order to leave us with the intimately powerful expressions that he depicts so well.

Hanging onto words that cascade through our mind in a buttery fashion, we’re grateful to have taken in this entire project in a way that casts out glimmers of love, heartbreak, self-reflection, and becoming one's true self. If anyone can take us through the motions with poise and ease, it’s Sephyr Patriq. Listen to the sweet escape of 'He’s Implacable,' on all major streaming platforms today.

Hello Sephyr, welcome to BuzzMusic, and congratulations on such a beautiful project. With such an array of topics explored, could you please take us into the concept that is weaved into 'He’s Implacable?'

Thank you so much for that compliment, it means the world. He's Implacable was born out of the tumultuous year that was 2020. I was in a hopeless place after being in two car accidents, feeling isolated in a new small town, and having to deal with the fear of getting Covid. I moved to that town and people would say to me when are you going to settle down. I realized that even though all the fear, pain, loneliness, I was relentless for happiness, to achieve my goals. I can't just settle for the bare minimum in life. I used music as a way to heal, work through my issues, and renew my strength. And this EP reflects my tenacity, my neverending journey to be where I want to be in life. The four main songs represent me being implacable for mutual love, true passion, resounding justice, and personal enlightenment.

You do something that not a lot of artists do, and that takes the chance to showcase specific remixes on the album itself. What’s your reasoning for doing so, and do you think this is an approach that you’d like to see from more of your favorite artists?

Remixes have always been so much fun for me. Since I was a child I loved the work of David Morales, Junior Vasquez, Maurice Joshua, and Hex Hector. These dance remixes would elevate the original songs to this otherworldly realm of energy and danceability. I've always desired to have my own music remixed and I finally made it a reality with this project. I did not get to re-record the vocals for the remixes as I've wanted to but I do plan on doing that for future songs. Yet even with the original vocals the two remixes were done by Xander Milne and Ongdomen really vivify the original songs and make you want to groove and let go of your troubles. I love them and appreciate the remixers. And yes, I do think more artists should include remixes on the projects to give different colors to their songs. Artists like Mariah Carey, Madonna, and more definitely paved the way in this regard.

Out of the ten songs offered on the project, do you happen to have one that resonates with you more than the others? Why?

I wrote all of these songs and they all have a personal resonance with me. Yet, Embrace seems to be the one that gels with where I am in life right now. Wanting that personal justice from a relationship that left you feeling disappointed and emotionally stunted. I had been in a callous place after being hurt quite a few times and I wondered "why I tried to fall in love." It seemed to be more trouble than it was worth and it never seemed to be mutual. I think some of us are just so naturally affectionate and want so much that just can't happen sometimes. I had to grow and realize that I deserve the very best in life and love and I don't need to compromise, not anymore. It's an ongoing process for me but I'm determined to get there. And I love the arrangement of the song so much especially after the second verse, it just gets more and more jazzier, and at the end, I just lay it all out on the table. It's a mature song.

In terms of the themes addressed and emotions felt, what are you hoping that your audience takes away from this body of work?

The main thing I want them to get is a line from "Never Bit the Apple:" "Love is all." Love is in everything - the pain, the malaise, the spats, everything. You just have to work through it all to the gold. Life is going to give you highs and lows but you've got to stabilize. Whatever you're going through is already over in the future. Keep going. Be Implacable.

What is your favorite part of the creative process?

My favorite part was arranging the vocals and background vocals in the studio, recorded by my producer Josh Florez. I experimented with sounds and harmonies and building tonal clusters. I tried different things and pushed myself vocally singing in the sixth and seventh octave, harmonizing whistle notes, and doing quick trills. I wanted this project to be dynamic on my end and I gave all I had. I hope people grasp this and love it. I thank you all in advance for listening. Thank you for talking to me, much love.

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