International Artist Olympia Papageorgiou Covers Holiday Favorite "The Christmas Song"

Recording artist Olympia Papageorgiou is synthesizing creamy and delicate vocalism in order to cover some of our favourite Christmas classics. The product is phenomenal, but on a deeper scale, Olympia has always been able to project her voice in a meaningful way. She attempts to connect with listeners through the vulnerabilities in her vocal delivery. It's an intriguing element to her sound and one that is incredibly present within her latest cover release. 

Olympia Papageorgiou has released her graceful rendition of "The Christmas Song". Her delicate tone makes the song produce a more smooth and airy feel. Olympia manifests such a fragile state of the classic Christmas song, instilling such a strong innocence to the song. We genuinely feel warm listening to Olympia sing "The Christmas Song". It's the type of song you listen to during the most prominent holiday events, as well as the most private, intimate times spent with friends and family. Olympia allows "The Christmas Song" to be more of that connected, honest experience for listeners, meaning she amplifies that intimacy between listener and artist. Right now is the perfect time to have come across the holiday soundings of Olympia Papageorgiou--we desperately wanted that more loving and detailed vocal performance for renditions of "The Christmas Song". 

Check out the Christmas soundings of Olympia Papageorgiou here.

Hi Olympia! Your rendition of "The Christmas Song" was honestly stunning. Your vocal performance was very rounded and smooth. How long has it taken you to craft the intricate soundings of your voice?

Well, thank you so much! Honestly, a lot of maturing vocally through lessons and growth. Vocal cords develop until your mid 20’s so sometimes there are unique things that happen to your voice while it is maturing. I think that my voice has changed a lot in the last few years and I am noticing new things I am able to do and hear that I was not able to before. Training your voice is a continuous journey even after the vocal cords fully mature.

Growing up in a family that was music-driven, did you find it encouraged you to pursue music? How have you felt taking a look back at your career in music thus far?

My family has always been supportive about my musical side but also pushed for education which is why I have continued to go to school as well as sing. It is pretty amazing though to have a musical family, my mom sings, plays the piano and guitar, my father sings, my aunt is a singer, my grandfather was a singer, my great grandfather was a singer and my brother plays the Lyra and sings. As you can see, everyone does something musical in my family! Looking back I am very happy with my development but the journey has not ended.

We know that you've always been passionate about maintaining your Greek-Cypriot roots intact. Can you tell our readers more on how you honour your heritage through your music?

Yes, I really try to keep my Greek-Cypriot roots close! I try to add some Greek in my songs like 8th Day, Salud and Salud Remix all have Greek in them. It's a nice little way to honor my people that are listening and catch those little gems I throw in the songs! I also Dance for Greek Festivals to keep the tradition of dancing alive as well. 

Drawing back to "The Christmas Song" cover, how was it to sing through and record this record officially?! Is the song a holiday favorite of yours?

It was a big challenge! Recording covers are much harder than recording original singles. There is a different kind of vulnerability with recording a cover because everyone knows the song and feels that they can judge it fully which is scary. Its a totally different level of recording and It took many hours for me to get it done but it was something that I really wanted to do. “The Christmas Song” is definitely one of my favorites so I knew that I wanted to record it! 

We've heard about your podcast featuring the realities of your father during the Turkish invasion. We found it to be a great platform to share the stories and his life back during that time. How do you feel your father has inspired you to grow artistically and personally?

My father is an incredible person and knowing what happened to him and our family is important. My father has been a big supporter of me artistically and his life, in general, has impacted me personally. Making music is a blessing and a privilege and sometimes as an artist, I get lost in the high of pursuing music but speaking with my father and knowing our history always bring me back to center and refocuses me. We have to remember that not everyone has the opportunity to sing or record their music because of their situation but my father was able to come out of those events and give the best to his family so that I could pursue what I wanted to. I am forever thankful for his strength and dedication to his family.

We appreciate the time to talk both about your artistic and personal life of music! What can 2020 see from Olympia Papageorgiou?

I am hoping to do some big things in 2020! I have some ideas that I am praying will come to fruition and I am pumped for it! Definitely more than a few songs will be released, that's all I am going to say haha!