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Intertwine Yourself with the Message Emanated in "Spinning" By Chords Of Eve

Created in 2019, Chords Of Eve is the brainchild of American multi-instrumentalist Atlas Cage and features a number of international female vocalists. Described as futuristic psych-pop, the band's fusion of alt-pop, electro-pop, and trip-hop has attracted critical acclaim.

Taking influence from the spacey keyboards and airy vocals of Phantogram, sonic swaddling of Portishead with just a dab of groove from K. Flay, genre-bending Chords of Eve compliment their unique sound with striking cinematic sci-fi inspired visuals to help tell their stories.

Tantalizing in the many avenues explored sonically, the latest single by Chords Of Eve is prevailing with allure. It has you burrowing through auditory tunnels of imagination to dive into the thorough quintessence expressed through their creations. The message behind "Spinning" redefines the balance of hope and cynicism, as a cognizance is introduced to the focus of what has come before us and what shall come subsequently.

Mixed and mastered by Grammy winner Yoad Nevo, a seamless concoction of distortion and polished vibrancy trickle throughout the composition as we immerse ourselves in the digital resonances that leak a rhythmic spirit lingering on our mind long after the song has come to a halt. Transporting listeners through a portal of lulling illumination, we submit ourselves to the inviting embrace glistening through the dreamscape that is "Spinning." As intimate as the elusive complexity leads on to be, the sense of familiarity that is dispersed through this record is uncanny.

Delving into an ominous narrative that reflects how the world continues to spin regardless of the toxicity that humans spew into a place we call home. Before we leave our minds clear for moments after "Spinning" finishes, the final words of "All in time, we'll be fine, at least that's what they say" are embedded into our minds.

The entire composition of “Spinning,” has a timeless essence to it. We are huge fans! What moment in your life encouraged you to write about this subject?

Hello BuzzMusic, thank you for having us back. “Spinning” is our third release this year (“Butterfly Machine” and “Like I'm On Fire” being the predecessors). The album was written in 2020, one of the most historical years of our generation. “Spinning” was written in the aftermath of all the protests that were taking place. It was a time when it was easy to feel numb to the worst of things as we waited for the next day and the next thing to happen. The opening line “Here's to the sunrise tomorrow, everyone holds up a glass. Cheers to a shiny future, I'm hoping that this one lasts” is a poetic stance on the feeling we all had about the world at that time. At least we made it one more day. This song is a balance of hope and cynicism, with an awareness of what has come before us and what could come after. It is the story about how the world, with all of the things people do to destroy it and each other, just keeps spinning. It asks the deeper question of “once we are gone, what will be the legacy of our actions?” The climax of the song leaves the listener with a positive yet haunting statement of “All in time, we’ll be fine, at least that's what they say”. Anyone who has ever been told to “trust me” or “everything is fine” while everything around them says otherwise, knows exactly what we mean (you’ve seen that meme with the dog drinking coffee in a burning house, right?).

Working with numerous talents in order to bring forth the top-notch production quality must have been an amazing experience! Could you please share everyone’s role in bringing this song to life and the impact they had on “Spinning?"

Absolutely! We were lucky to have so many talented individuals on this track from around the world. Nekane is a Spanish Pop vocalist and producer based in Bilbao, Spain. She brought so much life to our written lyrics and really draws the listener in with her voice. Our mixer Yoad Nevo is a London-based grammy winner and mixing engineer for artists such as Sia, Goldfrapp, and Moorcheeba. The artwork for the single was designed by my wife Tatiana and features Austin Texas-based actress Liza Dovgish, who was also the lead in our secretly coded binary video for Butterfly Machine. We also have a music video for the song being released on April 16, 2021, that is the starring model/actress Ele Viloria and directed by Jonathan Guttmann in the Canary Islands. Sci-fi fans are going to love it! He really found an amazing location and his talent for filming and editing is unmatched.

What happens to be your favorite part of your creative process? Did you find the process for “Spinning,” challenging or fairly easy to navigate around?

My favorite part is the spark. The word you hear, the sound, the sight that triggers that part of your brain from which you pull all of these layers of creativity. Most songs are themes that I have an idea about but it's the spark that really gets things moving. And I was lucky enough to have that happen twice in this song. Once while hearing the line “All in time” in a movie as we wandered through the recommended movies of Netflix and the second when I was listening to the song with my wife and she began humming a drum pattern at the end of the song that I ended up turning into a huge, cinematic climax!

With such a deep message being conveyed in the reverberated sound of this single, what are you hoping our listeners take away from it?

Honestly, we just really hope that the music is something that people can vibe with. The message is nothing that hasn't been said a thousand times before but sometimes we just need to hear it in a new way for it to really resonate with us. The world will keep on spinning until it doesn't but we do not have to be so indifferent to the things around us.

What's next for you?

The music video is being released in a couple of weeks and we are using the momentum behind it to help raise funds for “The Other One's Foundation”, a local nonprofit here in Austin. The Other One's Foundation helps transition Austin’s homeless neighbors into an engaged community through shelter, opportunity, and support. We have created an art package around our releases that allow people to donate and get new creations in return. 100% of all proceeds from “Spinning” music packs made available on the Sky Titan Media website (April 15th,2021) will go to The Other One's Foundation to support their mission and will be matched up to $1000. We have 9 releases total this year lined up to include a 10 song LP titled “Butterfly Machine” and there is even a super-secret game app we are working on developing for the release of a song called “July”, so keep your eye out for that one! If anyone out there is loving our music, style, or just wants to help us continue our community building, artistic endeavors, please take a second to follow our profiles: Spotify, Facebook, SoundCloud, and Instagram. It's all free to like + follow and really helps out indie artists!



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