Interview: Andreas Stone and Kase Release Urban Hip Hip Song; "Reasons"

Welcome to BuzzMusic Andreas Stone! Knowing you helped co-write “Reasons”, In what ways has your connection with Kase benefitted the emotive lyrics in this single?

Hi there! Thank you so much for having me. Well, me and kase have known each other pretty much our entire lives. We’ve worked a lot together growing up, but the last 7-8 years it hasn’t been as much as before. So, it feels amazing to be back together again, sharing our mutual love for music and especially profound and melancholic such. So I guess you can say that once we started talking about what song to make we pretty quick fell into the  same lane, haha.. For me, this song was also a bliss to produce.

How were you able to fuse together both the hip-hop production with the Pop/R&B melodies? What arrangements were you going for?

I’ve always believed that there are no boundaries in music. Anything is possible as long as one has an open mind and tries to stay experimental. Trends are good. Of course it’s very important to stay current and listen to charts, but every  once in while it’s very refreshing to just do what you like entirely. This song is such an example. I love classical music and Score music and I love hip-hop tracks like ”Lose Yourself” by Eminem. I also love R&B music in the vein of Eric  Benet or Brian Mcknight and I’m a big fan of 80s rock with groups/artists like Survivor, Europe and Richard Marx. I also love country music. A wild mix, hahaha… I guess fusing together everything you love is a way as good as any other,  hahaha.

Can you tell our readers about your creative approach towards “Reasons”?

I guess what I was aiming for production wise was to create something Modern yet Retro. Urban yet pop. I wanted it to be melancholic both with the vast orchestrations but also in the lyric (Both for me and Kase)

What would you consider to be the biggest obstacle for you when creating “Reasons” and how did you overcome the challenge?

The biggest challenge was definitely two things. First, to fuse the urban hip-hop drums with the big orchestration. Secondly, that the song is so freaking high pitched, hahaha. Most of the choruses are sung in octaves, where both work as the lead vocals, meaning both the low and the high could be interpreted as the main melody. The high one is really high. This was definitely a challenge!

Listen to "Reasons" here.