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Interview: Anika Releases A New Self-titled EP

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Anika! You have a new EP out titled "Anika" - we are SO excited to listen. You had two lead singles that were so fun and catchy. What else can we expect on the EP?

Thank you for having me! I really wanted this EP to show the different sides of me as an artist, so you can expect a lot of different vibes, but all that is true to me as a singer.

What has it been like creating the EP? Did you write all of the songs?

It has been such fun yet hard work for over two years to create this EP. I have put so much into it, and it’s really like my baby at this point. I did actually write all of the songs on the EP, which was such an amazing learning process and experience.

Do you have a favorite part about pursuing music? Is it writing, recording, or performing?

My favorite part about pursuing music is definitely recording. It is so fun to go into the studio and hear my vision come to life, even if it is in a different way than I originally had expected!

How do you balance being young and wanting to live life but also chasing your dream of music?

Pursuing music is my dream, so it doesn't feel like work at all! If I wasn’t passionate about it, I wouldn’t dedicate as much time to it as I do. I am always thinking of new bits and pieces of songs that I could write, and when I find something that I like, it is so fun for me!

Did any artists influence the new EP? If so, how?

It is really hard to hone down because so many artists influence each of my songs. It truly is about what songs I’m interested in at the current moment, and that is what inspires me. If I have to throw out some honorable mentions, I would have to say The Weekend and Silk Sonic are two artists that influenced me!

Thanks for answering our questions today Anika! Where can we find the new EP?

Thank you again for having me! You can find the EP on any streaming platform, and you can follow me on Instagram @anika__nielsen and TikTok@anikanielsen11 for more updates on my music career and life!



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