Interview: Bianca Aristía Talks New Album!

Hey Bianca! We're so happy we can feature you and your latest music here on BuzzMusic! How do you feel your music has been developing over time? Thank you for having me! I've always been a singer-songwriter, ever since I was a kid, so that's a long story. In my teenage years, I was already fascinated by music production and recorded my first albums, that I didn't publish by then but it was the beginning of all this. To do this professionally there was more I needed to learn first. I studied music (Voice Jazz/Pop) in Leipzig, Germany and that taught me so much about different styles of music, that all went into my songs and made me define my own style even more. I like to use many influences at times (Jazz, World Music, Latin) but at the center of it, all my style is modern R&B/Pop, what I like to call Indie R&B/Pop because I'm an indie artist, with my voice in the center of the performance. "Enough" is an incredibly memorable and authentic single. Can you tell us more about how the creation process went for the song? I wrote this song in pure emotion after a breakup and it has changed it's musical shape many times since then. I first created a demo, then played it live with my band and then in the production process of my new album "Rise" we changed the arrangement completely again to a modern Trap/Hip-Hop sound. I really like where it went and it goes really well with the message I convey. It's a very important part of the story of my album. We know there is a deeper meaning and story behind "Enough". Are you able to share with our BuzzMusic listeners what the song truly means to you, and where you drew your inspiration from? Obviously it's a breakup song and it goes very deep for me. Letting go of something that no longer supports you is very important and it is a self-loving decision. I believe relationships are mirrors and I look at myself when I talk of the other person. There is some truth to be found there. But at the same time, it is so important to express your thoughts and feelings and above all your boundaries. I had a hard time with boundaries for most of my life until recently when I decided to speak up for myself and not tolerate things that made me feel uncomfortable anymore. This is so important and there is so much personal power that's set free when you do this. This doesn't mean to hurt people or be mean on purpose but to be honest with yourself and your feelings. ENOUGH is a feeling state of mine, something I had to say. I feel my own power in it strongly because I believe everyone deserves to be loved and supported unconditionally. When this is no longer the case in a relationship, most of the times it is best to part ways for everyone involved. That's life and its ever-changing ways. Pretty magical I believe, because I rose quite strongly from these after-breakup times. They taught me so much about myself and where I wanted to be. They formed me and made me find more happiness. It is a good thing in the end. We're excited to hear that you have an upcoming album coming out on October 18th! How long has this project been in the making? What can you tell us about it? Yes! My new album is titled "Rise". I've been working on it with my producer & keyboardist Lennart Jahn for more than 2 years now. I started collecting songs, some of which I also already carry for longer and chose the ones that fit into the story I wanted to tell. "Rise" is all about personal transformation and literally rising from events that made you feel broken. I believe that through relationships you can learn so much about yourself and this inspires me so much again and again. The album is a complete cycle from a break up to learning about yourself & how to accept yourself more, facing your fears and moving into a new more loving relationship but also towards your own dreams and desires. We produced, mixed and mastered all the songs ourselves - so this is a 100 % DIY project. I loved the process because it enabled me to shape the sound exactly how I wanted it and express myself 100 %. Can you explain the personal connection you feel with music?

I cannot imagine life without music. I've always been singing, writing songs and making music, so I need it very much. It frees me and it is therapy - expressing myself completely and singing it all from my soul. I can't go too long without singing, that's just unnatural. The most magic thing is when I feel bad and write a song about it. It feels like this feeling down benefited me and in the end, there's the song and the uncomfortable emotion has left with it. That's amazing. Thanks for coming to BuzzMuisc to talk with us about your recent music! Can you describe how your performances feel? Do you enjoy live shows, or do you prefer the actual songwriting process? Also, any live shows coming up in the near future?! I enjoy both very much. Songwriting is great because it is a retreat from the world for me, just being with my music. But I also absolutely love playing live especially with my amazing band. I've been playing live with them for over 5 years now. They also studied music and really find themselves in R&B/Soul, so that's perfect. When we're on stage together there's so much energy. My music is already powerful on its own but supported by this band it's an incredible experience that also pushes me higher as a singer every time. We have a tour coming up presenting my new album "Rise" in Germany and Spain. Some shows will be with the full band and others duo or solo: