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Interview: BORT Debuts “Can You Hear Me”

Next stop, world domination.

Emerging somewhere from the deep reaches and vast expanse of the galaxy, BORT has arrived, ready to conquer the airwaves and bring the fresh wave of pop punk you didn’t realize you needed to your stereo.

Fronted by the dynamic Jordan McGraw and backed by his talented friends Zach Merrick (of All Time Low) and Jack Lawless (of Jonas Brothers and DNCE fame), BORT might bring fresh sound, but they are in no way rookies.

Satisfied equally with world domination or a wild backyard party as long as there are copious amounts of tequila, BORT’s musical journey promises to be wildly entertaining.

For BORT founder and frontman Jordan McGraw, the journey to BORT was not straightforward. Having quit his former band after growing tired of managing the egos that came with it, McGraw embarked on a solid, if not entirely fulfilling, solo career.

Realizing that he craved the camaraderie and shared passion for jamming and playing music with friends, McGraw decided to give the band life another chance. We’re glad he did, and BORT resulted from those efforts. Inspired by the sounds of the late 1990s and their shared love of music, BORT’s true aim is to make music worth dancing to.

BORT’s latest single, “Can You Hear Me,” is a nostalgic, feel-good rock offering that brings memories of the good old early 2000’s scene to mind. Led by powerful drum and guitar performances, the instrumentals for “Can You Hear Me” feel powerful, channeling the spirit of early 2000’s alternative rock bands like Weezer and Blink 182.

McGraw emotionally sings lines like “And I try to sit back and let the laws of attraction / React on me, but I can’t do that anymore / Can you hear me?” BORT’s love for their music is apparent and infectious. An unquantifiable spirit underlines BORT’s music, and “Can You Hear Me” is another enticing example.

BORT's future seems bright with their infectious energy, uninhibited love for their craft, and desire to make music that speaks to their fans. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream BORT’s dynamic new release, “Can You Hear Me,” available now on all major streaming platforms. Just watch out for the aliens.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, BORT! We loved “Can You Hear Me,” and we had to ask! What was the inspiration behind this release? Could you take us through the creative process for it?

I started the whole thing with the idea of recapturing that feeling of being in my first band again. With a bit more tequila, better songs, and less drama. This song, in particular, was one of those that just happened in an afternoon. Everybody’s been in that kind of hump day mentality where you just need a good scream in a pillow and a quick reset.

Give us the BORT origin story! How did you get acquainted, and how did you decide on BORT as your band name?

We are all presidents of our local chapters of the Minnie Driver fan club. So we connected at the animal meet-up. Regarding the name, BORT is a Simpsons reference only the real ones get.

What’s been your favorite part of being a group so far? Do you have any particular favorite music-related memories together you’d like to share?

Nothing is better than getting in a room and making music with friends. Discovering and growing what BORT sounds like has been the best part. Cheese as fuck, but… there is no better feeling.

What goals do you want to achieve through your music, and if your audience could take one thing away from your music, what would you want it to be?

BORT is about having fun and returning to the careless parts of experiencing your favorite bands. No song needs to be any more profound than the last. Each song is just kind of what we were thinking and feeling at the moment. We just want people to have those 2-3 minute escapes from whatever they’re dealing with.

What’s next for BORT? Can we expect to hear more new music soon, and is there anything you want to say to your fans?

There will be a constant flow of music coming. BORT has been too much fun creating, not to keep it up. I think there are already 15 done… we’ll see what makes the cut!


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