Interview: Juwan Rohan Opens up About New Album 'Limit-Less'

Hey there, Juwan Rohan! Your album 'Limit-Less' debuted not too long ago, and the album came out as completely coherent and well put together. Are you able to share with listeners the time and effort on your end that went into the construction of this album? 

Yes! Thank you for having me. It’s been great hearing the feedback from listeners on the album and hearing their thoughts. The album was an idea I proposed to my friend MC. A who the album is a collab with and he was super down so we just started recording multiple songs and sending each other what we had. We went back and forth for months! I never meeting each other in person and just exchanged songs through email. We started to get to about 6-7 songs and then wanted to construct it into a bit of a story or sequence and really focused on the last few songs telling a story. So Care For Me and On The Low were songs we took our time with and really wanted to share a message that stuck out to the audience listening for the first time. 

As an artist who wants to serve youth by influencing them in positive and inspirational ways, what kind of themes do you feel you were striking to introduce and teach by releasing 'Limit-Less'?

I think with this album, it was more to show the youth that they can be free and creative with positive messages and still have fun. There are songs like Hot Couple Summer & Watch Fake, Bitch Bad that really highlight the negative stigmas and put them in a positive light. People want to be single in the summer... why not highlight couples. People brag and boast about having expensive watches. Why not brag about having a fake watch! 

I think we tried to spread light on the corny stigmas people make out. 

Growing up in the Bay Area, you were always involved with hip-hop. How do you feel your dedication to the music scene evolved when you first began finding interest in it, to now?

It’s grown as far as making more connections but I am nowhere close to where I wanted to be. 2020 was going to be the year I did plenty of shows and connected more with artists in studios but with this pandemic, it kind of put a sudden halt on everything. 

Where do you think you ultimately want to take your music, and the platform you use to communicate pivotal messages to your listeners?

I want to take my music as far as I can take it. I want people to view my music as something that has helped them get through a situation. I want my music to be timeless and have the youth now grow with my growth and musical success. 

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

Hopefully a lot at the end of the year! Lol. This pandemic is really putting a hold on a lot of stuff so right now I’m not sure I can answer truthfully, HOWEVER, I still am holding myself accountable to following my plan of releasing one song every Friday for the whole year! I’m using the hashtag #factfriday to spread positivity and get everyone to open up and share one fact about themselves every Friday. I think at a time like this it’s well needed. So make sure to use #factfriday and come up with something creative to tell your story.