Interview: Kan Boy Talks About His Latest Release, “All Ages” and What Inspired the Record

Welcome to BuzzMusic Kan Boy! Knowing you have your own distinctive style, who would you consider some of your main inspirations for music and in what ways did you cultivate your own sound from these inspirations?

Before I even consider myself an artist, I used to listen to Lil Wayne all day, the same thing happened when Young Thug came out, I never really paid attention to anyone before they dropped. I listened to them so much by the time I became an artist I created a sound I was familiar with. 

Let’s talk about your song “All Ages”. What were your intentions with this song? How would you describe the creative process of this single?

I wanted to make a fun song, a song that all ages would like. At the same time, I mostly made this song for kids. I like to hear the beat first and play it over and over until I think of the first line. The first couple lines I think of usually make up the idea of the record. I construct the rest of the song based on that.

Did you have any direct influences for the lyrical arrangement with some of the songs on “Korrupt Town”? What inspired you to write the song “All Ages”?

I freestyle all my songs, I write only if I might forget my lines, so when I create it depends on the vibe I’m in because from there it determines what kind of music I’ll make. Leading back to what I was saying earlier, I wanted to make a song kids would like, once I heard the beat I felt like this was the one. 

In what ways does “Korrupt Town” differentiate itself from your past releases? Did you notice any growth or development in your artistry?

“Korrupt Town” got better beats comparing to older releases. The beat is the first thing you hear before the artist says anything, having good beats is important. I try to make the next record better then the last one plus I record often to keep improving.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

I’m dropping a single every month to come this summer. Only on SoundCloud, distribution to all platforms coming soon, for now, stay locked into that SoundCloud; desktop, tablet, and iPhone. 

Listen to “All Ages” by Kan Boy here.