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Interview: Rikke Embarks On Her Journey, “New Beginnings”

Welcome to Buzz, Rikke! The powerful message in your recent single, "Unafraid," captivated us." What pushed you to create such an empowering song like this? What inspired you? 

Thank you! It's very much about myself. I have always been a bit anxious and afraid of new things (although you can't see it on the outside, people who know me can confirm this). I have come to a point where I'm so tired of constantly feeling this way, so I wrote this song to remind me of my forever future goal: to be unafraid and face the things that scare me dead on! - and I don't mean things like jumping out of an airplane. The song can also make others reflect on it because being more unafraid makes you more content. 

Shifting gears a bit, why didn't you include "Unafraid" on your recent 6-track EP, New Beginnings? Did you feel the single was so powerful that it needed an individual release? 

The reason "Unafraid" is not a part of the EP is because it might belong to a future unreleased EP, hihi! I can reveal that there's a lot more music coming, and it'll all make sense in the end:) 

Why did you add 3 acoustic versions to accompany the 3 songs on New Beginnings? In your opinion, how do these 3 acoustic versions enhance the overall experience? 

My fans (as well as me) love a good acoustic version, so I always want to include that in some way, and these 3 are all just 1st take live recordings of the songs played with guys from my band. I want to show playfulness in my music and how I write, so for me, it all boils down to showing the core of it: a song, a feeling, and an instrument. 

What was the major takeaway you wanted listeners to experience in New Beginnings? What was the main message you wanted to get across? 

That every shit thing and ending is a new beginning and a chance at discovering something better. Because you know yourself more. Sometimes, we miss what we lost, but we are better suited in or with something else. 

Which song from 'New Beginnings,' acoustic or not, is your favorite and why? What makes that song so unique to you? 

"Circles" - the acoustic version is definitely my favorite! It, in every way, sums up what music is to me. Unpredictable, alive, playful, and straight-up emotions. Vegard on Keys is a real gem; in some ways, our souls are a bit similar, and that's why we connect so well on this piece. I am rarely content with anything I make; I always want to do better, but this one sits well with me, too. 

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