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Introduce Yourself to Angel Dweh with His Debut 7-Track EP, 'I Am Angel Dweh'

The Liberian-American pop/afrobeat artist, composer, dancer, and singer-songwriter Angel Dweh releases a thrilling 7-track EP entitled 'I Am Angel Dweh.'

After making waves in the independent music scene with singles like "Love a Good Thing," "Flexin," and "Salud," Angel Dweh has truly been making his mark on listeners everywhere. Now releasing his debut 7-track EP, 'I Am Angel Dweh,' listeners can catch Dweh present Liberia Koloqua English and Liberia Krahn's language throughout the entire EP, as he weaves it with core aspects of himself while also fusing the project with uplifting pop, afrobeat, and r&b sonics.

Plunging into the EP, we're met with the introductory track, "Trouble," which opens with deep and ominous keys accompanied by a blistering trap beat. As Angel Dweh introduces us to his vocal stylings, he jumps into this hardcore and exciting rap in his native language. As we continue drifting through this powerhouse track, Angel Dweh goes back and forth from his native tongue to English, allowing listeners of all walks of life to experience the thrilling ways of his music. We adore the heat and fire of this powerful intro track, as it sets the groovy and exciting tone for the entire project perfectly.

Marching into the second track, "Soldier," the song opens with punchy drum breaks that get us moving and grooving with every hit and kick. As Angel Dweh begins grooving to the beat with his exciting adlibs and lyrics, he later expands on passionate themes of his innate desire to get to know someone better. About halfway through the track, Angel Dweh delivers a powerful percussion breakdown that leaves us with nothing but his melodic vocals, allowing us to groove to the song's intense beat and his savory vocal tones. We love the power and tenacity of this track, as it leaves us tapping our feet the whole way through.

Getting into the groove with the next track, "Mokofee," the song begins with an enormous brass intro accompanied by tight drum breaks that later drop into a sweltering afrobeat vibe. As Angel Dweh begins riding the beat with the utmost energy and charisma through his rhythmic vocal delivery, he later delves deeper into this groovy and lively lyrical theme that encourages and listeners to grab a partner and hit the dancefloor. We love the deep and pulsating electronic basslines within this track, as they carry the sonics on their back while leaving us feeling stimulated and exhilarated from beginning to end.

Landing on the EP's halfway point with "We (Messed Up)," we're met with a plucky electric guitar melody accompanied by a mid-tempo break arrangement and Angel Dweh's lush vocal stylings. As he uses this track to highlight his unique vocal arrangements, Angel Dweh reminds us of a modern and contemporary love that's sadly gone wrong. While expressing his desires and thoughts regarding a relationship that turned south, Angel Dweh continues grooving to the minimal sonics that reaches deep into our hearts and pitches camp. We're head over heels for Angel Dweh's tender vocal delivery within this track as he introduces us to a new and unique side of his artistic abilities.

Drenching our speakers in the lush afrobeat sonics with the next track, "Waiting for You," the song gently opens with lively island-like drum arrangements and soothing keyboard melodies. As Angel Dweh begins to express his profound passion for someone, he brings us into a lively and uplifting atmosphere with each heartfelt lyric and sonic undertone he delivers. We adore the pure passion and heart that Angel Dweh has captured in this sweet-sounding single, as it truly brings a unique aspect to the EP. As we make our way to the heartfelt outro, Angel Dweh closes the song with the utmost love, emotion, and desire.

Deepening the EP's sonic atmosphere with the next track, "Come Over (feat. Faithvonic)," the song opens with an upbeat and flavorful afrobeat drum arrangement, a punchy bassline, and smooth steel drums. As Angel Dweh begins pouring his heart out with lyrics that touch on spending his life with someone special, he later transitions into the catchy hook where he encourages his love to come over. With a bright and beaming feature from singer-songwriter Faithvonic, she brings a brilliant back and forth dynamic between the two artists that deliver profound passion and desire. As the song comes to a close, Angel Dweh and Faithvonic leave us bopping our heads to the song's savory beat.

Reaching the EP's outro track, "Kokana," the song opens with a deep and intense synth that pierces our speakers with nothing but heat and power. Angel Dweh truly stops us dead in our tracks with this delicious outro track, as he merges sonics between afrobeat and hip-hop/trap to make for an exhilarating experience. As Angel Dweh brings his rhythmic vocal delivery into the catchy hook, he's accompanied by a blistering Pop Smoke-like sub-bass that shakes our speakers. We can't help but feel transported onto the heat of the dancefloor with this stimulating single, as it's bound to leave listeners dancing their nights away.

We can't get enough of Angel Dweh's debut 7-track EP, 'I Am Angel Dweh,' and we're sure you won't either. Find the project on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Angel Dweh. We're highly impressed with the outcome of your debut 7-track EP, 'I Am Angel Dweh.' When did you begin creating songs for this project? How long did it take to create all seven songs?

Thank you for having me again, BuzzMusic. I started creating the songs for the project in early December of 2020, I started written songs for the project, putting ideas together, that include both the concepts of the EP and the Cover art of the EP. I say it takes me about few months to build the full storyline of the project. However, a lot of the vocals for the project were recorded in March of 2021 and fully completed in early April. But working on this project was a blessing for me and for my fans because they now get to see more of my artistry, I want everyone to listen to my EP "I Am Angel Dweh" to feel my music, my art, importantly my story.

Why did you want to create the title for 'I Am Angel Dweh' to be almost self-titled? Do you feel that the EP is a solid introduction to who you are and the music you create?

Naming the EP "I Am Angel Dweh" is a solid introduction to new fans and Liberian around the globe. And yes it to show who I am and the music I create and also to present Liberia to the World musically through my art.

Do you have a favorite song within 'I Am Angel Dweh?' What makes you so drawn to this song in particular?

Yes! I have few favorite songs on the EP "I Am Angel Dweh", but my "Soldier" is my most favorite song. The instruments in the song itself remind me of when I was in the marching band in high school. And writing the song "Soldier" help me to step out of my comfort zone.

Did you have any artistic influences when creating your EP, 'I Am Angel Dweh?' Who were some artists or musicians that inspired you to create this project?

I have influences when creating the EP, "I Am Angel Dweh" and one of them is my mom, seeing the way my mom present herself in public and the way she presents the Liberian Culture is the most beautiful things because it helps me to connect to my Liberia root and also to know that she is from Grand Gedeh County of Liberia. Therefore I was able to create this project so everyone can get a better understanding of where I am from and that I am proud of Liberia. Other artists that inspired me to create this project are Fela Kuti, Yemi Alade, Angelique Kidjo, and Takun J, all these artists inspired me to write and sings about my truth on this project. The song "Trouble" on the EP is an inspiration from Takun J's song "My Way". I remember I was listening to the song, and I could hear was how bold he was singing about himself, so I begin to write about how to trouble I am.

Do you want to give a shoutout to anyone on your team that helped create your EP 'I Am Angel Dweh?' Who helped you out during the creation of this project?

First, I will love to give a shoutout to my cousin Hillzbaby, producer Wakai J, Mama S, and Mardia Gibson for their work behind the scene to make everything possible for the EP " I Am Angel Dweh". I remember when I told them my plan of creating the EP and naming it "I Am Angel Dweh" they were all excited about it and were willing to do all they can to complete this project, the amount of support I receive from them was amazing because I was able to write and create this storytelling EP "I Am Angel Dweh".

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