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Introduce Yourself to harper gordon and Good Karma's "i don't know why (plz don't ask why)"

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, the versatile artist, multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and producer/engineer harper gordon releases his emotional debut single, "i don't know why (plz don't ask why)."

Inspired by the sounds of soul, jazz, and rock that were often played around his household, harper gordon's solo music career has evolved into a genre-defying experience. Having garnered the attention of Frank Dukes' Kingsway Music Library, The DrumBroker, and holding co-production credits with Kenny Beats on Vince Staples' LP, it's evident that harper gordon is starting to make his mark in the music industry.

Recently releasing his self-produced debut single, "i don't know why (plz don't ask why)," listeners can introduce themselves to the savory stylings of harper gordon while also finding a piece of themselves within his meaningful lyricism. "The song deals with the confusion felt when a relationship has ended, and the feelings of a potential rekindling remain. It's often clear that the other person is not the right fit, but we still find ourselves infatuated," says harper gordon.

Expanding on the single, "i don't know why (plz don't ask why)," the song gently opens with delicate keyboard melodies and haunting ghost vocals. As harper gordon makes his way in, he tenderly opens up about how he continues slipping back into a troubled relationship. We adore the emotion of this song, as harper gordon's sweet vocals truly tug on our heartstrings.

We love the song's sonic blend of pop, alternative, and hip-hop, as it perfectly showcases harper gordon's sonic versatility. As gordon's ghostly and haunting production warms up the background, he serenades us with his incredible vocal layering that closes the song on a gentle, heartfelt, and emotional note.

Feel your heart flutter with help from harper gordon's emotional debut single, "i don't know why (plz don't ask why)," available on all digital streaming platforms.

Congratulations harper gordon on your big debut release, "i don't know why (plz don't ask why)," welcome to BuzzMusic. What inspired you to release this emotional single as your debut to introduce yourself to new listeners?

The song was originally inspired by the confusion you feel sometimes when you want something but you know it might be bad for you. This could be having feelings for someone, but they might not be the right fit or they might be toxic for you. There are also some hints to cigarettes ("the perfume that gets all in my hair") that a lot of people know are bad for them, but continue to smoke because of the good feelings it brings. I wanted to communicate that sort of meaning in a song that still has Pop appeal to it.

When working with songwriters Nahum and Vinny for "i don't know why (plz don't ask why)," was it challenging to let your emotions be heard? What was it like working with the two featured songwriters?

They're both members of Good Karma and friends of mine so we've worked together often in the studio. Vinny's probably best known for producing Kodak Black's No Flockin but he also does a lot of Pop and alternative songwriting so he helped with the writing process. Nahum has produced songs for A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Tory Lanez, and other major artists, so he brought more of the Hip-Hop element to the drums on the song.

Regarding your self-produced single, "i don't know why (plz don't ask why)," how did you navigate the vibe or atmosphere you wanted to offer? How did you want the sonics to make your audience feel?

I wanted the sonics to kind of pull the audience into the space and for the textures of the song to match the emotions. I'm sure a lot of people can relate to the "I don't know" or "please don't ask why" aspects when you end up doing something and you're not too sure why you did it lol. There's almost a dreamy aspect sometimes when we look back at certain decisions we've made - It can feel like a dream at times. There might be some nostalgia, mixed with regret, longing, and other emotions too. I wanted the music to capture those emotions.

Could you elaborate on the collective, Good Karma? Who are the members of this community, and what do you strive to achieve?

Good Karma is a group of independent artists, music producers, songwriters, and other creatives based out of Toronto, Canada. But Good Karma is also a philosophy as much as a collective. There's a lot of bad business that happens in the music industry, and we're essentially trying to spread the opposite of that. Our goal is to foster a community of like-minded creatives, promote the sauciest music, and bring more transparency into the music industry. Of course, we want to make the best music. But we want to have fun doing it with like-minded people and to make sure everyone is treated fairly. Good Karma really grew organically out of that philosophy. There's a pretty big range in the group in terms of age, skills, upbringing, and styles. Some of our members have written and produced songs for major artists like Justin Bieber, Migos, Kodak Black, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, etc. While some of our other members are just beginning their musical journeys. But what connects all of us is the core idea behind Good Karma.

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