Introduce Yourself to Jasmine Alkouri’s Debut Single, “Harder on Me”

From Orange County to Los Angeles, singer-songwriter and country-pop recording artist Jasmine Alkouri makes her big debut with a refreshing and playful single, "Harder On Me."

Jasmine Alkouri is at the fulcrum of an evolving country music scene, and she's ready to make an impact with her authentic lyrics based on genuine life experiences. Having experienced a traumatic shooting in Vegas and overcoming depression throughout the pandemic, Jasmine Alkouri uses her craft as a vehicle to express life's peaks and valleys.

With inspirations like Shania Twain, Gretchen Wilson, and Taylor Swift, listeners can clearly hear these influences shine through in Jasmine Alkouri's exciting debut single, "Harder On Me."

Alkouri also released an accompanying music video for the song, highlighting the hardworking men Jasmine Alkouri adores while wishing these men would work even harder at their shot with her.

Hitting play on the debut single, "Harder On Me," the tune kicks off with crunchy electric guitars and spirited synths that soar in from a distance. As Jasmine Alkouri makes her vocal appearance alongside a sole acoustic guitar, she begins to enlighten us on her desire for a hardworking man who works even harder on her. We adore the playful and organic feel of this single, totally reminiscent of Shania Twain's groovy and passionate sound.

As Jasmine Alkouri takes us around the hook, her vibrant and bright performance keeps us hooked while tapping our feet to the heavy drums and the song's overall groovy country-pop feel. Carrying us to the outro with immense positivity and playfulness, Jasmine Alkouri ends her exciting debut single on a note of passion and energy.

Experience the wit and charisma of Jasmine Alkouri in her big debut single, "Harder On Me," now available on all digital streaming platforms. Catch the song's music video on YouTube.

Congratulations on releasing your playful and high-energy debut single, "Harder On Me." Why did you want to release this song as your big debut single? How does it help us get to know you better?

I have a TON of songs under my sleeve, but Harder On Me resonates more with my personality. Like the music video, I'm zany, flirty, and colorful. I want to make music that makes people get up and dance. I wrote a lot of love songs in the past, but then I got over the heartbreak and never wanted to go back to those songs because they didn't make me happy. I only want to make happy music! I'm pretty comedic, according to my friends and family and this song really shows it.

What inspired the playful and passionate lyrical content in "Harder On Me?"

I grew up around hard-working men in my family. Men who could fix anything with anything. When I moved to the city, I felt that every guy I met just ordered a worker on an app to come hang their pictures on the wall or fix the clogged sink. I fix everything on my own! I want a guy who can figure things out in life on their own and works hard whether that be in the office, on the farm, in the stock market, crypto, etc. I don't want a guy taking selfies all day (unless that's his job). But most importantly, I want someone to work harder on me...our relationship comes first.

Could you tell us about your experience shooting the music video for "Harder On Me?" Did you have a team with you to help bring your ideas and visions to life?

It was so much fun making this video! We shot everything in my neighborhood in Calabasas. Our neighbors had some Alpacas they rescued, and I had chickens. The song is already written when you hear it. It was very easy to make the storyline since it's already in the lyrics. Kassey, my director, really understood my vision and brought it to life. I actually met Tyler (the City Boy/Hardworking man) that morning of the shoot for the first time! We really hit it off instantly.

Could you tell us a bit more about what you want to represent as an artist? How does your music reflect who you are?

I represent women that like to do their own thing and like to be creative. I want to bring out the child in everyone with my music. My music shows my personality with puns, wordplay, and the heart that never settles for less.

What's next for you?

I have another song I'm working on that is very flirty and fun. It's about role reversal in the dating scene. It's definitely like nothing you have ever heard! When you dance, your brain releases endorphins, so my plan is to keep making songs that force you to get up and dance. Stay happy, guys!