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Introduce Yourself to the Exciting Sounds of RM47's Debut Single

A new and refreshing Los Angeles-based duo RM47 smashes our speakers with their lively yet intense debut single and accompanying music video entitled "Needed U."

RM47 comprises singer-songwriter/recording artist MAAD and vocalist/musician Raleigh. Together, they're a force to be reckoned with. The duo prides themselves on their unique alt-electro-r&b sounds, which are just as timeless as they are groovy. Expect soulful vocals, sultry guitars, hypnotic synths, and stuttering Jersey club beats when indulging in RM47.

Kicking us in the gut with their heavy and gripping debut single, "Needed U," the duo also dropped a highly conceptual and steamy yet serious music video featuring all sorts of emotions within a tumultuous relationship. It is a romantic song, but not an entirely playful one since both parties wish to strike up painful conversations of accusations, betrayal, affection, and desire.

Hitting play on the new single, "Needed U," the tune opens with the grooviest of electronic basslines and an upbeat drum arrangement that kicks our speakers over. We adore both Raleigh and MAAD's soulful and intense vocal delivery; both artists portray such powerful and relatable emotion while riding the rhythmic and exciting sonic beat.

Taking a look at the music video for "Needed U," MAAD glares into the camera, and her intense stare is nothing but chilling...and also intriguing. While Raleigh straddles his motorbike in a separate space, the duo only comes together in one room on a particular couch, which represents a sort of 'safe space' where they can hash out their emotions and get their relationship back on track.

We adore the modernity and exciting feel of the music video, and we're ready to bump this single when our weekend jams roll around. Find "Needed U" by RM47 on all digital streaming platforms, and watch the music video on YouTube.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, RM47. We love the relatable emotion and exciting sonic foreground within your debut single, "Needed U." What inspired the song's intense concept?

Raleigh: Thanks for having us!

“Needed U” was inspired by a situation that really frustrated me one day… I was making beats to ease my mind and the chorus lyrics came like a lightning strike. I’m learning that as an artist, sometimes the best way to deal with emotion is to just let it out.. don’t hang on to it. Maybe talking about it may not be the right thing at the moment, but it’s healthy to write it down, record it, draw a picture, make a beat or something, and put the expression in that. This song is pretty much a voice note gone rouge. A weird vibe turned positive. MAAD heard the idea, liked it and we kept building it. She always brings a fresh perspective.

MAAD: Honestly this song didn’t make our initial project playlist. We recorded it and just moved on. Grateful for a few of our friends that always mentioned how much they loved ‘Needed U’ and consistently asked if it’ll be on the project. We appreciate them so much for staying on top of us. Happy it’s out and even happier it’s being felt.

Why did you choose to release "Needed U" as your big debut single? How does this track help listeners introduce themself to who you are?

MAAD: I think the concept of the song alone is a strong first statement. I love dance records that are also relatable and honest. With this single, our main hope is that people continue to connect with it and the message.

Raleigh: ‘Needed U’ is just the tip of the RM47 iceberg. it’s definitely a mission of ours to make sure that the listeners are dancing with this body of work.

Could you expand on your creative process for "Needed U"? Who handled the production, lyrics, etc.?

Raleigh: I tend to zone out and get into really deep creative and thoughtful spaces, sometimes maybe too deep. The best ideas happen when I’m not actively thinking about writing. Songwriting-wise, heavy on the random voice notes and freestyles… ‘Needed U’ started this way.

MAAD & I tend to challenge each other to stretch creatively. A lot of the music she spins as a DJ influenced the sonics on ‘Needed U’. This beat was one of those one’s that kind of felt like I was playing a video game.. pure fun and escapism.

I tend to look at songs from a macro lens and work on production while writing and making engineering decisions. If I’m mastering too, sometimes I like to step away from the music to have a fresh perspective on it.

MAAD: To piggyback off of what Raleigh said, it's really important to us to create music and concepts that we actually feel and come from a genuine place. For me and specifically with “Needed U” I had to tap into those feelings Raleigh had about the situation that frustrated him and I completely related to it. So many times you want someone to be there for you and sometimes they drop the ball.. the resolve of the song is that it’s ok to have your own back.

The concept for the "Needed U" music video is utterly exceptional. Did you have any directors or videographers on set help you bring your ideas to life?

MAAD: Thank you! It was definitely a collaborative process. As for the concept, I initially kept seeing Raleigh and I in two separate colorful rooms. I had a few calls with our director Kseniia to flush out the concept and she tied everything together beautifully and brought the whole idea to life.

Raleigh: Yea, the whole crew crushed it. Nicola flexed with the camera work, and our video producer Anastassia helped keep the entire crew sharp. I’m like a newborn baby with all the video & photos so I def look to the team (especially MAAD) for guidance.


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