Inventive Artist Alorangel Sparks Interest With, “God Is Always There For Me”

29-year-old Alorangel’s “God Is Always There For Me” was recently released on March 18th, with the expectation that this single would closely follow the success of her first release, “Lord You Are Everything To Me”. Her new wave Alternative music is fast-paced and light, keeping you on your toes from the second you begin to listen.

Alorangel’s unique and breathy voice carries the listener through “God Is Always There For Me”, delivering her message of faith. Her love of diversity and trying new things is apparent, with creative sonic risks and inventive beats. Her inspirations of Hillsong Young & Free and Hilary Duff are glaring throughout this song, and her foundation in a love of music is what brought her to her current triumphs.

Vocal echoing effects, enlightening the listener on the atmosphere she likes to create. “God Is Always There For Me” is centered around her faith, much like other music released by Alorangel, and as her anticipated audience grows, she hopes to spread her message of love to any who listens. Her creative spirit does not stop flowing at music, and she has passions in many other art forms as well. Alorangel is just getting started in her career, and we can’t wait to see what she does next.

Hello Alorangel, welcome to BuzzMusic, and congratulations on your newest release, Alorangel! What do you hope a new listener takes out of listening to “God Is Always There For Me” for the first time?

Thank you so much! I really hope listeners would grasp the conveyance of the song and down to its core of knowing that your not alone handling all kinds of problems in life. That God is always there when you need Him. How do you skillfully construct the elements of your music as we see in “God Is Always There For Me?" Where did the idea for “God Is Always There For Me” originate from?

I came up with the idea for the song when I found myself in my own issues when I had to deal with being misjudged in public several times over and often felt isolated at times because of my shyness that I’ve tried to now overcome. There were some opportunities out there that were missed because I was shy about it and felt that I wasn’t even capable of even doing the job. Skillfully, I don’t really think about the construction of elements towards the song. I just feel the music. How do you feel that your background and education in the arts have prepared you for a music career?

I feel that knowing more about animation has helped me with my books but not so much with music. My dad grew up with German relatives who really loved crafting music, handcrafting instruments like my great grandfather who made a violin from scratch. My dad is fluent with a guitar so I often felt inspired by him to just conjure up new ideas when it came to making music. I was also motivated at an early age and often thought about wanting to become a musician. When I was in my teens I’ve been learning more about myself to find my unique voice. Do you see yourself branching out into other genres for subsequent releases, or staying in the realm of electronic and alternative that has sparked your first successes “Lord You Are Everything To Me” and “God Is Everything To Me?" Umm... I have already constructed a single before that later became an album, “Make This Day Come Alive.” Which was a mixture of pop and Christian. I’ve also created a few hip hop mixed with RNB for a few songs. I’m still brainstorming on my newer songs.