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Isa Bellido Turns Up The Imagination In “What If”

Chicago-based R&B/Hip-hop artist Isa Bellido uses Latin urban sounds to make you move those hips in her new single “What If.”

Born in Santiago de Chile, Chile, Isa Bellido grew up among an incredible mix of sounds and music running through her ears and veins. She decided to be part of the modeling and acting world, but she wanted to create music and trained her vocal skills with fantastic couches. Now she lives in the United States, unleashing all her musical creativity.

“What If” is Isa Bellido’s incursion into the Latin urban genre. She uses dembow drums that make you move your shoulders from the first second after you hit the play button and digital notes that make the track sound ethereal, chilling, moving, and catchy.

The lyrics of “What If” are an invitation to give in to that romantic adventure while dancing.

Diving into “What If,” the track has a fantastic combination of reggaeton-like drums and R&B keynotes that sound melodic and distant. It feels light and tender to the ears and causes your head and limbs to move. Isa Bellido’s voice is sweet and seductive, making the lyrics run smoothly into your head while the bass makes your chest buzz.

Listening to “What If” wakes up fantasies of romance and sensuality as you listen to such a catchy track and Isa Bellido vocals. This is a song you want to hear during a club night or any moment when you are having a good time at a party.

Prepare some drinks, turn up the volume and grab your bae while playing “What If.” Thank us later.

A warm welcome to BuzzMusic Isa Bellido, and congratulations on your latest release, "What if." What was your main motivation for making “What If?”

There are a lot of motivations behind “what if,” but I’m gonna be honest, haha. A few months ago, I was “starting” a relationship -but I’m picky about relations- so I questioned myself a lot about if I should start this relationship or not. One day I was thinking, “what if this work” or “what if not” and I liked it as a song's title. I wrote it on a piece of paper, and I just had a brainstorm and started the song. In my mind is about two people meeting in a place for the first time, and they like each other, so “what if." About the beat, I’m experimenting with the different music genre, and I use to have a song stocked in my mind, and I took it as inspiration and create the beat.

Who supported you the most during the creative process of “What If?”

I have a support group that is with me throughout the whole process. First, because I’m Latina and I’m learning English, I put all my ideas together, and then someone tells me that we should try this word instead of that one or what about saying it more like “street way”. Then there is the beat guy from Chicago, who is pretty nice. Also, my sister. I always send her the lyrics, beat, video ideas, and everything because I want her point of view. It’s good to have an opinion from outside.

What were your greatest musical influences when making “What If?”

In this song, I feel more like Jorja Smith because the song I was talking about before is from her. Also, Beyonce!! She is “you gotta believe in yourself; you can do it, you’re awesome,” which gives me the personality to interpret my songs.

How do you think “What If” will impact your future musical work?

The largest number of listeners I have now are from Sudamerica, and urban music such as trap, reggaeton, hip-hop, and rap. are the trend. Based on that, I believe the song has more chances to be heard in those countries, allowing the other songs that I have or the songs that will come.

What's next for you?

For now, push my songs that are already on Spotify to the scene while I work on a new song, and it's gonna sound a little bit different. In this search for my musical identity, I'm now trying more afro beats this time, so get tuned cause what comes is gonna be AMAZING!

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