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Isaac Watters Is Taking It Back To Basics On “All I Need”

The LA-based artist returns with an introspective and thought-provoking new release. What do you get when you return to the basics?

When you strip away the mundane and the banality of modern life and music? Isaac Watters’ new release, “All I Need,” explores this concept with a mesmerizingly trippy and sonic sound. An anthem for those who feel overstimulated and overwhelmed by the material world, “All I Need” sees Watters continue to build on an impressive body of work and legacy.

The music video for “All I Need,” directed by Aaron Eisenberg, completely encapsulates the deeper meaning and purpose of the song. It sees Watters pilgrimage in the California Desert in search of something elusive. It illustrates how we can find joy in the simple things, as Watters is anchored in his journey by something as simple as a cup of coffee. The message of both the song and music video is clear; once we strip away our material urges, happiness is easy to find in the world around us.

Over sonic and slightly psychedelic instrumentals, Watters vocals are rhythmic and hypnotic. They sound like an internal monologue, introspective yet powerful and unwavering. As Watters drops lyrics like “I'm still here up on the mountain / been trying for years to come down” and even “This is all I need / A cup of coffee on the mountaintop,” the listener gets the sense that although a profound journey has taken place, Watts has found a path he’s satisfied with.

Isaac Watters’ “All I Need” is a captivating anthem for those who reject the materialism pervading modern society in favour of something simpler. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream “All I Need,” available now on all major streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Isaac Watters! We loved “All I Need.” Can you take us through your creative process for this song? Where did the inspiration come from?

Thanks for listening! I started writing “All I Need” when I was staying at a little cabin out by Joshua Tree, just taking time to sit on top of a mountain in the desert and think. Wasn't too much of a process other than sitting there for a while with a guitar and singing; the chorus came out all at once as part of a long stream of writing. I think the inspiration came partially from the landscape I was in and partially from the vast reaches of outer space. Then I came into the studio with producer and co-writer Matt Linesch, and we reworked and refined it... Then we recorded it with Josh Adams (drums) and Gabe Noel (bass). It really all came together as the version you hear now with that first drum fill. What does music mean to you?

That is infinitely easy and impossible to answer at the same time. It’s hard to imagine life without it. When I'm making music, I feel the most present at the moment. If your fans could only take one thing away from your music, what would you want it to be?

Rather than taking something, I’d like people to feel that some of their sadness and suffering has been lifted off their backs into the music and carried away from them. What is your favourite musical memory?

Some of my favourite artists I've been lucky to see perform are Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, Bill Callahan and Nas. I love performing live, and the most recent show I've had usually becomes my favourite musical memory. I can't wait to perform these songs again. We are playing with a great band at Club TeeGee on the 22nd. What’s next for Isaac Watters? Can we expect to hear more new music soon?

Lots more coming soon... I will release more singles and an album soon, playing more shows and making more music videos.


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