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Isabella Chiarini Brings Us so Much More Than “Another Love Song”

Hailing from Hamilton, Ontario, Isabella Chiarini is a 17-year-old singer and songwriter who has just released a provocative single that will be playing in your head for days.

The title of Isabella Chiarini’s new release calls it like it is: “Another Love Song” is a classic love song that highlights her unique perspective on a romantic tragedy that many of us are all too familiar with. While the track may be another love song, Isabella Chiarini is bringing the pop scene something brand new by incorporating charming levels of wit and sass to effectively balance the feelings of heartbreak. Isabella Chiarini’s charisma is displayed through her thought-provoking songwriting as she sings about a romantic relationship gone wrong. With “Another Love Song,” she provides her fans with an anthem to propel them through the difficult feelings of a breakup.

The backtrack of “Another Love Song” has been arranged with a youthful electronic production that creates a colorful soundscape saturated with dynamic features. The cessation of background production during the last verse of each chorus after Isabella Chiarini announces “the last thing this world really needs,” will have the memorable phrase “is another love song” forever lingering in the minds of the listener. During the heartfelt bridge, Isabella Chiarini showcases her breathtaking vocal range as she belts each passion-infused lyric. Fans of Isabella Chiarini will find themselves singing along to the catchy melodies of each chorus before they finish their first listen of “Another Love Song.”

Hello Isabella, and welcome to BuzzMusic. We were entranced by your witty lyrics, which made “Another Love Song” truly stand out among other love songs. What is the main message you are trying to spread to fans with your songwriting?

The main message in everything I do in life is positivity. When I song write I always think about how the listener would feel hearing my songs. For this song, in particular, the goal is to help people empower themselves and realize they are okay on their own, such as in the song “ I’ll never sing out your name, give you the pleasure of knowing my pain”.

The production of “Another Love Song” was subtle enough to spotlight your vocals, yet energetic enough to make the listener want to dance! Can you tell us about the production and recording process for “Another Love Song?”

I started writing this song about 2 years ago. I wrote it in Nashville, Tennessee with Britton Cameron. I wrote this song very fast, I wrote and recorded the demo in a 4 hours session. Britton and I had been writing together for about 1 and a half at the time so we were comfortable with each other and were able to bounce ideas off each other easily. After he sent me the demo I instantly thought that I needed to release it! We then sent it to another producer named Femke and she added the finishing touches. I loved everything Britton and Femke did and started planning the release.

As such a young independent artist, what was the path that led you to decide to release your own music?

I have always loved music. At the age of 8, I started taking lessons at Studio E, then at 9 years old, I started with studio owner Teresa Nocita. She introduced me to the world of music and I truly believe I would not be the singer I am today without her. A development company from Nashville called PCG Universal came to Studio E to audition new musicians for their program. I ended up auditioning and getting into the program. From the age of 14-16, I would fly down to Nashville once a month to train with their team. During this time is when I decided I wanted to release my own music. They ignited a fire in me and made me realize this was a passion and not just a hobby. I released my debut single “Look into the mirror” at the age of 14 and have been releasing music ever since.

Are there any specific artists or genres that have inspired your music style?

I try to experiment with my music as much as possible because I always people to hear something slightly new every time I release it. Some artists that have influenced me are Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Queen. I feel like all of these artists have done a good job at staying true to themselves and their message while experimenting, with their sound throughout the years. Which is something I strive to do throughout my entire career.

What would you like new listeners to know about your music?

I feel like I speak to a generation of young adults, and children to tell them it is okay to be different and be who you are. Society puts a lot of fo pressure on us through social media to be perfect but what they don’t convey is that our imperfections are what makes us beautiful and we have to learn to accept and love ourselves the way we were made.

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