Isabella Leon’s Debut EP “Perfectly Perfect” Proves She’s The One To Watch!

Isabella Leon is a young up and coming artist from right here in Los Angeles. The gifted singer/songwriter has been making music since the age of four! Starting with the success of her talent show performances, the multi-talented artist has pursued a career in film, television, and local theater productions. As an actress Isabella has appeared on Life in Pieces, Modern Family, Street Ships, The Dog that saved Easter, commercials and short films to name a few. She strives to inspire other young artists to pursue their dreams and make them a reality. 

Isabella’s debut EP “Perfectly Perfect” is a 3-track project that solidifies her connection to her listeners. She connects on every level from the musical arrangements, truthful lyrics, and beautiful vocals. “Perfectly Perfect” begins with the title track, an empowering ballad for anyone struggling with who they are. Isabella spreads an uplifting attitude, her lyrics feel like a best friend cheering you on at every step of the journey. With a soft piano taking you through from beginning to end, you’re introduced to Isabella’s angelic vocals and dreamlike aura.

“Don’t Look at Me” intensifies the theme of the EP, adding an element of electronic pop to the mix. This track feels vulnerable and versatile, mixing emotional themes with a dance/rock/pop inspired soundscape. Isabella Leon keeps the interest of her fans through her ability to seamlessly blend genres while still making them all her own. As the EP comes to a conclusion, Isabella Leon delivers yet another inspiring piece of musical brilliance. “Keep on Keepin’ on” is an inspirational, empowering, and uplifting new track. At such a young age, Isabella is galvanizing the music industry today. She’s an incredible role model for people her age and young women alike. She’s open and honest with her songwriting and pours her heart and soul into every single song she creates.

The EP “Perfectly Perfect” is a captivating project from Isabella Leon, it sets her apart in the music industry as a truly authentic and refreshing artist. She’s on her way to big and bright things, don’t miss the journey and stay tuned for more!

Check out “Perfectly Perfect” here and read more with Isabella Leon below! 


Hey Isaballa! We love your voice, have you had professional training? Or have you trained your vocals over time?

Thank you so much, yes I have had professional training. At the age of five, I began working with a vocal coach.

We’re so excited to present your EP “Perfectly Perfect” to our readers! What does it feel like to have your debut project released?

My team and I have been working very hard and are extremely excited to release my EP and it has been simply an amazing feeling to hear the final product and to share it with everyone.

What inspired the song “Don’t Look At Me”?

What inspired me was that everyone has a story, don’t just stare at somebody; take a moment to get to know them.

Who are your musical influences? How do they inspire your music?

My musical influences are Patsy Cline, Doris Day, Paul Anka, Finneas and Billie Eilish. They inspire me in many different ways but mostly they sing with such passion and they stay true to themselves in their art.

What’s next for you now Isabella Leon? We can't wait to hear more!

What is next for me, I am working on a new EP. I am also currently a host with the Disney Princess Club web series, with new episodes released weekly.