Israeli Alternative Indie Rock Duo The Stereo-Tips Are Making Waves In The Music Industry

The Stereo-Tips are an Israeli Alternative Indie Rock duo consists of Elad Ovadia Eyni (vocals, keyboards, guitar, music production) & Or Vengle (lead guitar, music production). Childhood friends, the two have been playing together for 9 years, developing a unique sound that draws heavily from Britpop, Alternative and Indie Rock. After sharing the stage under various circumstances and a multitude of different musical settings, the pair have formed the Stereo-Tips in early 2018. Since forming in Boston, MA, the duo have been working on their debut singles, which are due for the beginning of 2019. As of January the two will be living in Los Angeles. 

We had the chance to chat with the duo! Here's what they had to say:

Hey guys! Care to introduce yourselves to our readers?

Hey everyone! We are the Stereo! Our names are Elad Ovadia Eyni (Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar) & Or Vengle (Lead Guitar) and we are an Israeli Alternative-Indie Rock Duo located in Boston Massachusetts. 

How did The Stereo Tips come together?

We both met in high school about nine years ago. We found out that both of us are playing a musical instrument and bonded over music. Over the years we formed and played in several bands around Tel-Aviv, Israel, most of that bands were with changing players, but always the two of us together. The Stereo-Tips were first Elad's solo project for playing his E.P. in live concerts. After each of us traveled abroad for a while (a thing we consider a crossroad), Elad to New Zealand & Or to South America, Elad moved to continue his solo career in Boston. After a year and a half apart, Or moved too to form the "Stereo-Tips" together as a duo.

Out of all the musical influences you have, which do you think holds the most significance to your sound today and why?

We share a lot of musical background but each brings his own voice to it. We are highly influenced by MUSE, Oasis and Arctic Monkeys. You can hear a little bit of all of the above in our songs. We believe what makes this unique is that our music is unexpected most of the time. 

Can you tell us a bit about your new project debuting in January 2019?

In this project we decided to do something different. For starters, we are releasing only 3 singles and there's no E.P. involved. In the process of recording, it was very important to us to keep the sound homey, and that's why we insisted to record every musician in his own living room or the place he consider as home. We advocate the idea that every person feels themost comfortable and confident in his own living room. In other words, expect some unapologetic sounds! 

Can you tell us a bit about your writing process?

So, I (Elad) usually write and compose in the same time. The songs I like the most are the ones I was waiting for the lyrics or the melody to strike me, and then after I write and compose a fair base we're playing it together and the production just flows. No pre-production at all on our process - that's one of the pros of being your own producer. We're trying to record all of our ideas right away while producing. For example; our upcoming song “Mysterious Love” was recorded in about a week! We sat down and kept recording our ideas to it until we got the sound we wanted.

What do you guys hope for your fans to feel while listening to your music?

Happy, sad, energized, inspired and motivated... a little bit of everything we guess. We would like people to feel the same way we feel while listening to music. So all together: Thunderstorms!

What’s next for The Stereo-Tips?

We will be moving to LA soon! Elad next week & Or in a couple of months. We’re really excited and can’t wait to release our music and to do our best to hit the ground running! After the first song is out we're not going to stop. In addition, be expected and pay attention to a lot of hidden messages and mysterious information that are involved in everything we do.

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