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"It Goes to Yesterday," Delivers the Best from Simply Brick

Simply Brick was formed in June 2020 with Ariel Bouchard on guitar, and Corrina Fisches on bass and vocals. Both met in the Montreal music scene, both having played with other bands before forming a project together. This band combines their mutual love of slow, dreamy sounds and a punchier Alternative Rock vibe.

Working towards building their fully stacked music catalog, Simply Brick delves into a profound representation of ethereal sounds that fuel your inner being. Their most recent single, “It Goes to Yesterday,” combines their spirited mystique as they have you swimming in a pool of reverberated significance.

Each echo that chimes through the speakers have you taking a deeper plunge in the atmospheric quintessence that Simply Brick forms. It’s truly hard to ignore any of the musical components as each has its own chance to shine throughout the record. The resonant bassline becomes the center of attention at 1:58, while the opulent guitar riff that illuminates luxury pipes up at 2:37, all the while the tight drum patterns keep our head bopping to the seamless concoction of elusive melodies in a higher dimension.

As we focus our attention purely on the gentle mystery that resides in the vocals, we appreciate the full composition of “It Goes to Yesterday,” as it advances in a sea of inquisitiveness.

Thoroughly scraping the hallways of ominous timbres, we’re all for the tenors that Simply Brick portrays in their music. Continuously keeping us on our toes, literally and figuratively, we’re thrilled to hear that they’ll be stacking up their repertoire with more original creations to come.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Simply Brick, and congratulations on the release of “It Goes to Yesterday.” In your own words, what does this song mean to you?

This song is a very important step for the band since it is our first release. While working on it, Ariel and I learned how to work well with one another and to incorporate our different styles to form this mixture of dreamy shoegaze vibes and alternative rock, which Ariel has titled, “Dream Alt.” This song will always be the band's baby, helping to form a strong bond between the band members and hopefully a bond with our audience.

In terms of thesis and emotions felt, what are you hoping that your audience can take away from this song?

This song was written about the emotions involved with dealing with a bad relationship. We are hoping that this song can be cathartic for our audience. A place for them to turn to when they are dealing with negative emotions and hardships. It is an expression of pain and heartbreak that we are sure many people have gone through themselves. Music helps to heal the mind and soul and we hope that this song can do that for anyone in need of healing.

From the moment you think of a song idea, to the moment it's released, what happens to be your favorite part of the process?

The way Ariel and I write our songs usually begins with one of us having an idea on our own and coming to the other to turn that idea into a full-fledged tune. The best part is being able to take such a stripped-down idea and incorporating our different influences and writing styles to create something unique together.

How important is it for you to be vulnerable in the music that you make?

It is extremely important to be open and vulnerable when creating music. The beauty of music lies within being able to express such deep-felt emotions and translate them into a language that everyone can understand and relate to.

What can we expect to hear next from you?

We will be filming a music video for our single, “It Goes to Yesterday,” in April. We are also working on finishing another single titled, “Left, to Nowhere,” which will be released sometime in late spring. We are very excited to share more with our audience and to continue to write more together.




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