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It's "All About You," When T Litty Comes Into Rotation

Terrence Benard, professionally known as T Litty, is like a fish to water when music is involved. Singing with every fiber of his being, the Plano, Texas, native continues to remind fans that his love of the arts is all-encompassing, as he began his journey through acting.

Always willing to fight against the grain, T Litty states, ‘I’ve got to remember the importance of the lyrics to deliver them correctly.’ Each and every song is a testament to his yearning for something more.

The latest melodic release from T Litty has us submerged in meaningful lyrics that pull on your heartstrings in a unique way. “All About You,” thrives in its realm of contemporary R&B as the origin of the words stems from love so profound and beautiful.

Honing in on that poignant type of love that hovers over you every waking minute, T Litty is a master at conveying his intricately crafted lyrics to have you absorbed in the vivid imagery he casts out to pair with the series of words. The slow to mid-tempo instrumentation compliments the subject matter and the soul-infused nature of his luxurious timbres.

You will immediately find yourself swaying to the beat of this unalloyed ballad as you take in the quintessence of T Litty and directly incorporate it to yourself in a relatable manner. T Litty does something that not many can ultimately produce in one fell swoop, and that’s having you gulp down emotion on cue. Through opulent soundscapes that delicately trickle into your cognizant thoughts and full heart, there’s no better way to take in “All About You.”

Be prepared to feel this piece more than you hear it, and be sure to envision that special someone when you hear lyrical motifs such as, ‘Everything is about. It’s about you.’

Welcome to BuzzMusic, T Litty, and congratulations on the release of “All About You.” This song is truly beautiful and makes for the ultimate ode to love! Was there a particular moment or story that inspired the creation of this song?

Honestly, this single ties back into the overarching idea of my upcoming EP entitled, “For Your Musical Consumption”. When I decided to sit down and write this final song of the EP (the anticipated single), I really wanted to tap into the heart of what a relationship can do to a person. We spend so much time talking about our partners and fears of not being enough, that we forget to wonder if we’re enough for ourselves. Furthermore, we’re always weird about whether or not our partners are pleased with what we’re doing when they’re not around. I’ve known a lot of people to say that asking a partner whether or not they like what you’re doing is respectful. I beg to differ. In some of those moments, it can be controlled, so much so, that you nearly lose yourself. With this in mind, the song needed to be heart-spoken, vibrate with soulfulness and speak the truth. In acting, we are taught that the other person is the main objective in the room. I suppose you could say, “as on stage, so in life.”

What are you hoping that your audience takes away from the themes and messages heard?

I hope the song reminds others that love is never easy. When you find something that’s right for you, love shouldn’t stand in the way. Love should fight back the dragons outside your door. Love should make you want to conquer galaxies. If you’re lucky enough to find that love, being All About YALL is the real ticket.

Is there a particular subject that you find easier to write about than others? Where does “All About You,” fit into this spectrum?

Most of the time, when I sit down to write, I request honesty from myself. I want audiences to feel like they connect with the words. Even more so, I want them to connect to me. All About You is born off as much honesty as I could muster. I mean, love is hard! If I was forced to place my songwriting into a category, I’d call it Life Music. All About you would be featured on the top of the Life Music chart.

What has been the best piece of advice you’ve taken into your music career thus far?

“Prepare to be awake. Prepare to be discouraged. Prepare to be ridiculed. Prepare to be told no. Prepare to be great. Prepare to be humble. Prepare to lose. Prepare to win. Anything beyond that is a blessing “

What is your mission as an artist?

As an artist, I strive to make music that reaches the soul. My upcoming EP is crafted with the idea that we all can not agree on love. In many respects, a love life mirrors who we are as people; relationships are as individualistic as a fingerprint. Yes, we all have some swirls, but we each ink the paper with a personalized stamp. My music is my musical stamp. I’m speaking the truth with instrumental accompaniment. I intend for my audience to vibe, get turnt, and take in a life lesson or two. Class is now in session!

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